OT After Dark, Getting ex(PLISSIT) with Kate Burke

Episode 8
19m | Mar 15, 2021

For this episode the OT Podcast Club listened to OT After Dark episode 6.9 - Getting ex(PLISSIT) with Kate Burke

Listen to it here:

The podcast features hosts K and JJ talking to OT Kate Burke about three models which can be used to discuss sex and intimacy - the PLISSIT, ex(PLISSIT) and Recognition models.

Our discussion touched on our experience and knowledge of these models as well as reflections we had about addressing sex and intimacy within our roles as occupational therapists.

If you would like to explore these models further, OT After Dark provide the following references at

Annon, J. S. (1976).  The PLISSIT Model: A proposed conceptual scheme for the behavioral treatment of sexual problems. Journal of Sex Education and Therapies,  2(1), 1-15. 

Couldrick, L., Sadio, G., & Cross, V. (2010). Proposing a new sexual health model of practice for disability teams: The Recognition Model. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, 17(6), 290-299.

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