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Mtu ni Watu - Podcast

Mtu ni watu is a Swahili proverb, which translates to "A person is people". Our goal is to educate, encourage and engage our community in discussions around culture, humanity and religion.


Food and Culture
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Rights and Responsibilities
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African Marriage
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Food Shortage
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What Is Love
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Gender, Status and Power
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Healthy Family System
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What Is Happiness
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Overcoming Challenge
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Setting Boundaries
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Equity vs. Equality
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Are Beauty Standards Realistic?
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Success In Marriage
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Mental Health African Pandemic
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Are you Normal or Weird?
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The Benefits of Acceptance
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The Difference Between Grace and Mercy
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The Effect of Color
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What Is The Church?
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Benefit Of Crossing Cultures
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Perception of An Immigrant About America
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Amazing Africa
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A Recap Of 2020
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What is respect?
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What Is Faith
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Developing Cultural Sensitivity (Part two).
Show Details37min 31s
Developing Cultural Sensitivity (Part One).
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Growing Up in African Household As a Girl
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How Hard is Being a Single Parent?
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The Process of Healing (part two).
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The Process of Healing (Part One)
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Child Safety
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Quality of Life in The Netherlands vs. The U.S.A
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Kenya vs. America view on relationships
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Self-love is not selfish
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I give you my life
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Helping Your Kids Find Their Passion
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Imagine Online School in a Language You Don't Understand
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What is your worth
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American Visa Process
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Words Matter
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Black Hair is Beautiful
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How Kids are Dealing with online or In-person school during COVID19 Pandemic.
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The concept of a boyfriend and girlfriend.
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How do you a make friends in America?
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Things your kids think you don't know.
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Kindness and Christmas Talk with my kids
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