Mtu ni Watu - Podcast

Mtu ni watu is a bi-weekly production where we discuss social justice, religion, humanity and culture. Mtu ni watu, is a Swahili proverb that means “a person is people”. The proverb is used to remind people the importance of teamwork. Individually, we are weak but together we are strong.


How Hard is Being a Single Parent?
Show Details31min 32s
The Process of Healing (part two).
Show Details34min 15s
The Process of Healing (Part One)
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Child Safety
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Quality of Life in The Netherlands vs. The U.S.A
Show Details34min 12s
Kenya vs. America view on relationships
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Self-love is not selfish
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I give you my life
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Helping Your Kids Find Their Passion
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Imagine Online School in a Language You Don't Understand
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What is your worth
Show Details41min 48s
American Visa Process
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Words Matter
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Black Hair is Beautiful
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How Kids are Dealing with online or In-person school during COVID19 Pandemic.
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The concept of a boyfriend and girlfriend.
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How do you a make friends in America?
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Things your kids think you don't know.
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Kindness and Christmas Talk with my kids
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