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Unlike conventional medical practice which focuses on treating disease after it occurs, Dr. Duncan McCollum, DC emphasizes improving your health to begin with before pain and illness can ever occur. A licensed chiropractor, functional medicine doctor, best-selling author, talk show radio host, and expert on nutrition and cellular regeneration, Dr. McCollum has served the Santa Cruz community and beyond for over 30 years helping thousands of his patients lead happier, healthier lives.

Dr. McCollum stands with healthcare professionals nationwide who are pioneering a groundbreaking approach to anti-aging and stem cell regeneration through cellular detoxification, ketogenic dieting, fasting, and breakthrough biotechnology. He works with the world’s leaders in heavy metal and cellular detoxification through The Health Centers of the Future, headed by Dr. Daniel Pompa.

Dr. McCollum is passionate about helping as many people as he can to achieve their optimal health potential. He values sharing his research in a way that is simple and easy for everyone to understand. If you are on a journey to create an incredibly healthy body and live the rest of your life in vibrant health and happiness, then check out Dr. McCollum's best-selling health books, Turn Back Your Biological Clock and New Hope for Sciatica.

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Health Update: Finding Truth Amidst Mainstream Misinformation
Show Details4min 50s
Health Update: Fear-Based Media and Chronic Stress | Getting Rid of the “Stinkin’ Thinkin”
Show Details6min 28s
Health Update: Five Ways the Body Detoxifies
Show Details3min 41s
Ep.80 The Medicine Cabinet and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Show Details52min 10s
Health Update: SIBO, Obesity, Intestinal Permeability, and Over-Medicating
Show Details4min 51s
Health Update: Pregnancy, Autism, and Tylenol | The Impacts of a Toxic Environment
Show Details3min 23s
Ep.79 Happiness Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Show Details52min 4s
Health Update: The Four Degrees of Competence
Show Details6min 10s
Ep.78 What to Expect at a Doctor’s Appointment with Dr. McCollum
Show Details53min 9s
Health Update: Your Body and Nervous System Needs Regular Maintenance, Just Like a Car
Show Details2min 59s
Ep.77 The Difference Between Macro and Micro Healing of the Body
Show Details54min
Health Update: Exosomes Signal for the Body to Heal, and the Stem Cell Machine Turns on These Exosomes
Show Details2min 23s
Health Update: Dr. McCollum's "Mapping Session" Locates Damaged Nerves, Muscle, and Other Tissue with The Stem Cell Machine
Show Details4min 29s
Health Update: Healing Old Injuries and Scar Tissue with The Stem Cell Machine
Show Details5min 14s
Health Update: New Insights about the Stem Cell Machine’s Healing Capabilities
Show Details4min 33s
Health Update: What Impedes the Body from Healing?
Show Details2min 5s
Health Update: Microscopic Healing with the Stem Cell Machine
Show Details11min 18s
Ep.76 What’s Wrong with Antidepressants? A Deep Dive into SSRIs
Show Details55min 18s
Health Update: Do SSRIs Damage the Brain? | Long-Term Effects of Antidepressants
Show Details4min 48s
Health Update: Psychiatrist Admits, “We Don’t Know How the Medications Actually Work in the Brain”
Show Details1min 7s
Health Update: FDA Approves Antidepressant’s Lofty Claims to “Restore the Brain’s Chemical Balance” without Scientific Evidence Backing It Up
Show Details5min 42s
Ep.75 Rev. Fred Shaw Jr. on Antidepressants and the Multi-Billion Dollar Drug Companies Behind the “Cure”
Show Details47min
Health Update: Do Antidepressants Burn Out Serotonin Receptors?
Show Details2min 11s
Health Update: Psychological Manipulation in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Rev. Fred Shaw Jr.
Show Details2min 34s
Health Update: The Downward Spiral of Pharmaceutical Drugs | "An Ill for Every Pill" with Rev. Fred Shaw Jr.
Show Details2min 20s
Health Update: Scientists Found No Evidence that Depression is Caused by “Chemical Imbalance” or Low Serotonin Levels with Rev. Fred Shaw Jr.
Show Details4min 20s
Health Update: SSRIs Don’t Cure Depression with Rev. Fred Shaw Jr.
Show Details7min
Ep.74 Keto Kamp with Ben Azadi | Ancient Healing Strategies, Ketogenic Dieting, and Fasting Techniques for Optimal Health
Show Details52min 22s
Health Update: Intellectuals Solve Problems, Geniuses Prevent Them | Reducing Inflammation with Ben Azadi
Show Details3min 3s
Health Update: Autophagy with Ben Azadi | We’re Hardwired for Feast–Famine Cycles
Show Details4min 39s
Ep.73 The Most Powerful Healer on Earth | Activating Your Body’s Innate Intelligence
Show Details54min 1s
Health Update: Dr. Pompa’s “Five R’s” of Optimal Health | The Cellular Healing Lifestyle
Show Details5min 46s
Health Update: Are We Sick by Design?
Show Details6min 41s
Health Update: Prescription Drugs vs. Innate Intelligence | Ending Dis-ease for Good
Show Details6min 24s
Health Update: Dr. McCollum’s Best-Selling Book Gives Relevant Health Information but in a Story Mode
Show Details3min 39s
Ep.72 What Causes Disease in One Person and Health in Another? A Closer Look into the Trillions of Bodily Functions that Occur Every Minute
Show Details55min 10s
McCollum Testimonials | Chris on How Chiropractics Saved Him from Needing Knee Surgery
Show Details2min 33s
Health Update: What is It that Gets in the Way of our Body Functioning at Optimal Health?
Show Details3min 51s
Health Update: Just a Minute, Incredible Numbers at Play at the Macro and Micro Level by Biji T. Kurien
Show Details8min 27s
Ep.71 The Only Person Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals Is the One in the Mirror
Show Details51min 53s
McCollum Testimonials | Dustin on How Chiropractics Changed His Life
Show Details4min 21s
Ep.70 Michael Olson Interviews Dr. McCollum at the Pleasure Point Street Fair
Show Details55min
Health Update: Rockefeller and the Rise of Allopathic Medicine
Show Details1min 13s
Health Update: What Is Functional Medicine? Looking for the Upstream Causes of Disease
Show Details4min 37s
Health Update: Eliminating Pain Without Drugs | The Stem Cell Machine
Show Details3min 48s
Ep.69 Going from Illiterate to Becoming a Best-Selling Author | Dr. McCollum Encourages You to Overcome Limitations
Show Details57min 23s
Ep.68 Our Thoughts Share Our Reality, and Our Health!
Show Details53min 12s
McCollum Testimonials | The Stem Cell Machine
Show Details1min 29s
Ep.67 How to Turn Back Your Biological Clock
Show Details52min 13s
Health Update: Author’s Note | Was Some Faction Making a Business Out of Keeping Us Sick?
Show Details4min 35s
McCollum Testimonials | Alleviate Your Pain with TRT Treatment
Show Details1min 37s
Health Update: Dr. McCollum’s Best-Selling Book Follows a Babyboomer’s Journey Towards Health and Fulfillment
Show Details2min 14s
Ep.66 The Cholesterol Myth | Understanding Bad vs. Good Cholesterol
Show Details53min 39s
Health Update: What’s Wrong with Canola Oil
Show Details10min 4s
Health Update: Don’t Be Fooled, We Need Cholesterol
Show Details6min 29s
Health Update: Sugar and Fructose | Shortening the Lifespan
Show Details5min 6s
Ep.65 287 Toxic Chemicals Found in Umbilical Cord Blood in a 2005 Study by the Environmental Working Group
Show Details54min 29s
Health Update: The Pollution Found in Newborn Babies is Unbelievable
Show Details6min 38s
Ep.64 Hormone Imbalance Turns on “Bad Genes” | Why This Is So Important
Show Details54min 48s
Health Update: Stopping Drug Dependency and Chronic Disease Through Cellular Detoxification
Show Details5min 14s
Health Update: Solving the Opioid Crisis in America | Tissue Regenerative Technology (TRT)
Show Details3min 15s
Health Update: Hormone Dysfunction from a Toxic Environment
Show Details3min 19s
Ep.63 Dr. Duncan McCollum, Voted #1 Best Chiropractor and #2 Best Author in Santa Cruz | Good Times Magazine
Show Details54min 2s
Health Update: Autophagy and Apoptosis | Cleaning Out the Weak, Senescent Cells, Toxins, and Bacteria
Show Details6min 42s
Health Update: The Best Health Technique to Change Your Life
Show Details2min 41s
Health Update: Very Few People Die of Natural Causes Anymore | The Plight of Chronic Disease
Show Details2min 9s
Health Update: The Greatest Effect Toxins Have On Our Bodies Are Disrupted Hormones
Show Details4min 27s
Health Update: Proper Detox is a Process, Not a Quick Fix Bought off the Shelf of Your Health Food Store
Show Details3min 5s
Health Update: Voted #1 Best Chiropractor in Santa Cruz
Show Details1min 52s
Ep.62 What Does Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide Have To Do With Heavy Metals?
Show Details54min 21s
Ep.61 Detoxing Correctly is Extremely Important
Show Details53min 8s
Health Update: Heavy Metals, Molds, and Hidden Infections | The Deadly Trio
Show Details1min 39s
Ep.60 Hidden Infections | Finding The Root Cause
Show Details54min 35s
Health Update: Heavy Metal Toxicity From Silver and Gold Tooth Fillings
Show Details44s
Health Update: Root Canals Create Breeding Grounds for Molds, Bacterias, and Virus
Show Details4min 11s
McCollum Testimonials | John on the Stem Cell Machine, “One Treatment Changed My Life”
Show Details1min 52s
Ep.59 Design Artist Sudi McCollum Shares Her Passion for Art and Upbringing with Dr. McCollum
Show Details52min 9s
Ep.58 Dr. McCollum Answers His Listener’s Questions on FB Live | Mercury, Commercial Milk, Hyperthyroidism, Etc.
Show Details52min 26s
Health Update: Stop Drinking Commercial Milk
Show Details4min 47s
Ep.57 Chiropractics for Children | Fixing Spinal Displacement from the Pressures of Birth
Show Details50min 44s
McCollum Testimonials | Chiropractics for Children, Matt Shares His Son’s Story
Show Details1min 55s
Health Update: Innate Held Hostage, The Great Wall Must Fall
Show Details3min 58s
McCollum Testimonials | Karina’s Shares Her Child’s Healing Breakthroughs After Receiving Chiropractic Care
Show Details1min 36s
Ep.56 Are You Having Trouble Digesting Food? | A Closer Look into the Microbiome
Show Details52min 46s
Health Update: The Lymph System | All Detox Protocols Depend on This
Show Details2min 54s
Health Update: Our Gut Microbiome is Directly Related to the Microbiome of the Soil Where We Grow Our Food
Show Details4min 17s
McCollum Testimonials | Pastor Mark’s Experience with the Stem Cell Machine (Tissue Regenerative Technology)
Show Details1min 13s
Ep.55 Treating Symptoms Will Never Eliminate the Disease
Show Details52min 37s
Health Update: Looking at the Root of the Problem Reveals the Best Steps Towards the Solution
Show Details2min 4s
Health Update: Do What Makes You Feel Good
Show Details56s
Health Update: Try This Technique to Get Your Health Priorities Straight
Show Details1min 25s
Health Update: Only the Best Doctors Look for the Underlying Cause of the Problem
Show Details1min 47s
Health Update: The AMA Tried to Eliminate Chiropractics, Here’s the Story
Show Details3min 12s
Ep.54 Dr. Troy Benfield’s Personal Healing Journey to Chiropractics and The TRT Machine
Show Details54min 6s
Health Update: Natural Doctors Saved Me Where Medical Doctors Failed | Dr. Troy Benfield
Show Details1min 24s
Ep.53 Reflecting on Our American History | From 1777, 1849, 1883, to the Present
Show Details51min 4s
Health Update: Diet Variation is Key to a Healthy Gut Microbiome
Show Details1min 20s
Health Update: Eliminating Stressors So The Body Can Heal
Show Details4min 30s
Health Update: What Is Your Toxic Load?
Show Details2min 22s
Ep.52 Living a Cleaner Lifestyle in a Toxic World | Dr. McCollum's 3-Month True Cellular Detox
Show Details53min 27s
Health Update: Are you Detoxing or Re-toxing?
Show Details2min 2s
Health Update: Impaired Thinking | Chronic Stress Weakens Cognitive Functioning
Show Details2min 57s
Ep.51 Living in Fear of the “Invisible Tiger” Shuts Down Our Immune System, Weakens Digestion, and Lowers Brain Functioning
Show Details53min 7s
Health Update: Gluten | Why Wheat Sensitivies Are On The Rise
Show Details2min 5s
Health Update: Detoxing the Brain Correctly is Critical
Show Details2min 12s
Health Update: Best Ways to Recover from Antibiotics
Show Details3min 16s
Ep.50 Join Dr. Duncan McCollum’s 3 Month True Cellular Detox Program this February
Show Details53min 18s
Health Update: Detox Step #3 BRAIN PHASE | 3 Month McCollum Detox Program (Starts Feb. 2022)
Show Details2min 50s
Health Update: Detox Step #2 BODY PHASE | 3 Month McCollum Detox Program (Starts Feb. 2022)
Show Details4min 19s
Health Update: Detox Step #1 PREP PHASE | 3 Month McCollum Detox Program (Starts Feb. 2022)
Show Details12min 48s
Ep.49 New Year, New You | Setting Goals For Your Health
Show Details53min 2s
Ep.48 Your Body’s Innate Intelligence to Heal Itself
Show Details53min 2s
Ep.47 Overcoming Sciatica | Dr. McCollum’s Personal Healing Journey
Show Details54min 28s
Ep.46 Eliminate Arthritis Without a Single Drug | Tissue Regenerative Technology with Dr. Matt Diduro
Show Details54min 44s
Ep.45 Do Drug Companies Have a Vested Interest in Keeping Us Sick?
Show Details45min 57s
Ep.44 The Path Less Traveled | Breaking Away from Pharmaceuticals
Show Details53min 24s
Ep. 43 Taking Whiplash Seriously | How Spinal Problems Can Effect Overall Health
Show Details56min 2s
Health Update: How Toxins and Bad Oils Impact Diabetes & Alzheimer’s Disease
Show Details4min
Health Update: A Bucket Full of Toxins | How Much Can You Handle Before Being Affected?
Show Details3min 19s
Health Update: Be Proactive & Start Building Your Immunity Today in My 7-Day Health Reset Class | Starts Oct. 3, 2021
Show Details2min 43s
Ep.42 From Nutrition to Stem Cell Regeneration, Chiropractics, and Detoxification | Dr. McCollum Has You Covered
Show Details51min 56s
Health Update: Find Out About Autophagy & Intermittent Fasting in My FREE 7-Day Health Reset Class | Starts Oct. 3, 2021
Show Details2min 35s
Health Update: Learn About Inflammatory Foods in My FREE 7-Day Health Reset Class | Starts Oct. 3, 2021
Show Details2min 42s
Health Update: What to Expect for My FREE 7-Day Health Reset Class | Starts Oct. 3, 2021
Show Details1min 30s
Ep.41 Join My FREE 7-Day Health Reset Online Class | Starts Oct. 3, 2021
Show Details56min 24s
Health Update: Acid Reflux Pills | The Negative Health Effects of Antacids with Billy Graff
Show Details4min 32s
Health Update: The Stem Cell Machine | How It Works
Show Details1min 36s
Ep.40 Holistic Chiropractics | Seeing the Bigger Picture of Chronic Disease, Toxins, and Stressors with Dr. Emily Pillari & Dr. Logan Frahm
Show Details57min 7s
Health Update: Childhood Chiropractics with Dr. Emily Pillari
Show Details2min 59s
Health Update: Glyphosate & Leaky Gut Syndrome with Dr. Emily Pillari
Show Details3min 10s
Ep.39 Updating Your Goals | You’ll Always Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take
Show Details54min 41s
Health Update: A Holistic Chiropractic Examination with Dr. Logan Frahm
Show Details6min
Ep.38 How to Defeat Any Virus with Dr. Dan Pompa
Show Details59min 15s
Ep.37 Detoxing Before Pregnancy & Chiropractics for Children and Babies
Show Details56min 18s
Health Update: My Best-Selling Book | New Hope for Sciatica
Show Details1min
Ep.36 PEO Solution | Conquering Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease with Parent Essential Oils with Professor Brian Peskin
Show Details58min 23s
Health Update: Chemical Handcuffs | Prison Guard Expresses Concern Over Psychotropic Drugs Used On Inmates’ Minds
Show Details2min 15s
Ep.35 Why Vaccine Companies Aren't Liable for Deaths & Injuries | with Andrew Wakefield, Director of 1986: The Act
Show Details57min
Ep.34 “The Decades of My life”
Show Details56min 40s
Ep.33 New Hope for Sciatica with Dr. Pompa, featured on Cellular Healing TV
Show Details41min 23s
Ep.32 Vaccine Safety with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Daniel Pompa
Show Details58min 16s
Health Update: How to Get Started on a Keto Diet with Dr. Michael Olson
Show Details11min 40s
Ep.31 Alternative Medicine is the Way of the Future
Show Details56min 8s
McCollum Testimonials | Gary
Show Details3min 49s
Health Update: Amazon Censored This From My Book, New Hope for Sciatica
Show Details6min 32s
Ep.30 Toxic Household and Skincare Products Cause Hormone Disruption
Show Details56min 42s
Ep.29 Wheat-Related Disorders | Gluten is NOT the Problem
Show Details55min 43s
Ep.28 Toxin Overload | What’s Your Tipping Point?
Show Details55min 50s
Ep.27 Independence and Freedom | Non-negotiable American Values
Show Details54min 22s
Ep.26 Health Freedom | My Body, My Choice
Show Details52min 1s
Ep.25 Social Connecting is Essential for Health
Show Details53min 39s
Ep.24 Type 3 Diabetes, Otherwise Known as Alzheimer’s Disease
Show Details53min 8s
Ep.23 Stem Cell Therapy Everyone Can Afford with Dr. Matt DiDuro and Dr. Scott Kremer
Show Details55min 1s
Ep.22 Emotional Wellness Enhances Physical Fitness with Laura Wilde
Show Details49min 37s
Ep.21 Reverse Aging with Embryonic Stem Cells with Dr. Rafael Gonzalez
Show Details51min 3s
Ep.20 Physical, Chemical, and Mental-Spiritual Stress | What You Can Do About It
Show Details50min 1s
Ep.19 Mindset is Everything | Overcoming SIBO Holistically While Pregnant with Nikou Lohse
Show Details50min 56s
Ep.18 From Pain to Purpose | My Personal Healing Journey
Show Details52min 59s
Ep.17 Psychiatric Drugs and Learned Helplessness with Dr. John C. Brady
Show Details53min 30s
Ep.16 Hidden Toxins | What's Really Going in Your Body?
Show Details49min 57s
Ep.15 What Motivates You to Get Healthy?
Show Details50min 47s
Ep.14 Tips to Turn Back Your Biological Clock
Show Details52min 32s
Ep.13 Healthcare or Sickcare? with Dr. Judy Mikovits
Show Details52min 34s
Ep.12 Stress or Digest | How Stress Impacts Digestion
Show Details52min 32s
Ep.11 Holiday Health Tips | Heal Your Body from the Inside Out
Show Details50min 20s
Ep.10 Chronic Stress Causes Chronic Disease
Show Details51min 58s
Ep.9 Breakthrough Biotech | Regenerating Organs, Reversing Neuropathy, Treating Erectile Dysfunction, and Healing “Non-Healing” Bone Fractures
Show Details52min 35s
Ep.8 Why The L.A. Lakers, NY Knicks, and Atlanta Braves Are Using This New Technology
Show Details54min 32s
Ep.7 Dramatically Accelerate Your Healing | Hi-Tech Acoustic Wave Device
Show Details53min 51s
Ep.6 Three Major Causes of Thyroid Problems
Show Details55min 26s
Ep.5 You Are the Cure | The Big Three Stressors on Health
Show Details53min 24s
Ep.4 Join McCollum Wellness Academy | Learn How to Live Longer and Healthier
Show Details52min 17s
Ep.3 Healing Cellular Inflammation with Dr. Dan Pompa
Show Details53min 43s
Ep.2 Tips and Tricks to Boost your Immune System and Turn Back Your Biological Clock
Show Details48min 33s
Ep.1 Amazing Miracles of the “Stem Cell Machine” | Tissue Regenerative Technology
Show Details56min 28s