Ep.171 What’s Slowing You Down? Take the Governors Off Your Life

53m | May 26, 2024

A governor is a device that limits or controls the speed of an engine. They were once mandatory for cars, limiting their speed to below 55 mph. Today Dr. Duncan McCollum asks if you’ve placed any governors on your life that are limiting you from reaching your optimal health.

One huge governor Americans place upon themselves can be summarized in five words: “My insurance won’t cover it.” When you consider all the things insurance doesn’t cover that people do anyways because they want to, like home remodels, vacations, and car rebuilds, it is amazing that people are reluctant to pay out-of-pocket for the one thing that affects all other aspects of their life, which is health.

Don’t fall subject to those five words, instead empower yourself to living your best life today!

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