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Kingdom Fellowship Weekend

Kingdom Fellowship Weekend exists to promote Biblical Christianity in an era marked with apathy and compromise. Our heart-​cry is to "continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers." Our passion is to return to the historical Anabaptist focus of total surrender to King Jesus and to embrace this lifestyle within our local church communities.

We endeavor to do this by encouraging revival, fervent prayer, surrender to Jesus, and by providing a forum for Biblical teaching for those who desire to live as disciples of Christ. We want this event to be a place where Kingdom-​minded Christians from various backgrounds can meet one another for edification and encouragement. We especially want to encourage those who are new to embracing the teachings of Jesus and provide fellowship for them in the journey.

We are committed to a Christian expression that is Christ-​centered, Scripture-​based, and Kingdom-​focused, specifically as modeled by the Anabaptist tradition. Although Kingdom Fellowship Weekend is organized and sponsored by conservative Anabaptists, our vision is to build bridges among all true followers of Jesus. We welcome all who, as we, are praying "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."


Let All Things Now Living
Show Details2min 18s
Blessed Are They Who Will Trust in the Lord
Show Details4min 2s
Bread for the Journey
Show Details2min 51s
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Show Details2min 42s
Lord, in the Fullness of My Might
Show Details3min 3s
The Music of Heaven
Show Details2min 29s
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross
Show Details3min 27s
I Would Love Thee
Show Details1min 42s
Jesus Shall Reign Where'er the Sun
Show Details2min 11s
Come, We That Love the Lord
Show Details2min 58s
Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Show Details3min 35s
O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
Show Details4min 11s
"A Church Life Worth Dying For" by Nathan Yoder
Show Details50min 24s
"A Church Prepared for Persecution" by Ken Miller
Show Details43min 53s
"Discernment and Preparation: What Hill Should We Die On? – Panel Discussion" by Ken Miller, Barry Grant, Zack Johnson, and John D. Martin
Show Details1hr 34min
"Crosses of Womanhood" by Janie Wagoner
Show Details56min 13s
"Overcoming Evil with Good: Ministering to the Gangs in Haiti" by Barry Grant
Show Details51min 36s
"No Blood but Our Own" by Zack Johnson
Show Details51min 50s
"The Way of the Kingdom" by John D. Martin
Show Details1hr 8min
"Awake O Church" by Barry Grant
Show Details55min 41s
"The Way of the Cross" by Dale Heisey
Show Details45min 14s
"Teams That Work: Calling, Screening, Walking Together – Panel Discussion" by Andrew Kurtz, Dwight Nisly, Ernest Eby, and Kevin Brechbill
Show Details1hr 11min
"Growing the Church" by Kevin Brechbill
Show Details23min 34s
"Making Disciples in the Poorest of Countries" by Barry Grant
Show Details39min 44s
"Beatitudes of Life" by Finny Kuruvilla
Show Details51min 14s
"Structure and Life" by Dale Heisey
Show Details51min 26s
"Spreading Life in a Culture of Death — Panel Discussion" by Patrick Matthews, Mark Yoder, Wolfgang Miggiani, and Tim Kuepfer
Show Details1hr 35min
"Adorned with the Beauty of Life" by Deborah Bercot
Show Details41min 41s
"A Fruitful Life" by Mark Yoder
Show Details58min 41s
"Family Life" by Mark Yoder
Show Details49min 44s
"Resurrection Life" by Ken Miller
Show Details54min 48s
"From Bones to a Battalion" by Finny Kuruvilla
Show Details51min 46s
"Mystery of Life" by Philip Hess
Show Details38min 21s
"Christian Education in an Urban or Church Planting Venture" by Dwight Nisly
Show Details1hr 1min
"Making Disciples: Evangelizing, Teaching, and Mentoring" by Eric Shorey
Show Details46min 55s
"Bridging the Gap to the Unreached" by Daryl Witmer
Show Details57min 49s
"Politics, Culture, and Kingdom Church Planting" by Dwight Nisly
Show Details53min 38s
"The Pilgrim Church: A Disciple-Making Community" by Ken Miller
Show Details46min 56s
"Growing Up, Not Knowing Jesus" by Eric Shorey
Show Details45min 10s
"A Biblical View of Missions" by Mark Yoder
Show Details48min 53s
"The Vision for Church Planting in Latin America" by Dale Heisey
Show Details42min 34s
"Army of People" by the John Byler family
Show Details2min 39s
"Behold Our God" by the John Byler family
Show Details3min 15s
"Tools for the Task" by the John Byler family
Show Details1min
"Bright New World" by the John Byler family
Show Details2min 22s
"God Our Refuge" by the John Byler family
Show Details3min 25s
"Church of God, Awake! Arise!" by Donald Brechbill
Show Details1hr 15min
"Who Is on the Lord’s Side?" by the John Byler family
Show Details3min 48s
"Racism and Civil Unrest: The Christian’s Response?" by Finny Kuruvilla
Show Details1hr 23min
"The Problem of Pain – part 2" by Bill Shiley
Show Details2hr 4min
"The Problem of Pain – part 1" by Bill Shiley
Show Details1hr 41min
"The Rise and Fall of Civilizations: What Can History Teach Us?" by Melvin Lehman
Show Details1hr 19min
"Peter Waldo" by John D. Martin
Show Details43min 34s
"Ladies of the Faith" by Ernest Strubhar
Show Details53min 35s
"Michael Sattler" by Dean Taylor
Show Details1hr 13min
"To Serve the Present Age" by Steve Clapper
Show Details56min 57s
"The Walk of Faith" by Wendy Good
Show Details1hr 9min
"Casiodoro de Reina" by Ernest Strubhar
Show Details54min 51s
"James, the Brother of Jesus" by Brandon Byler
Show Details45min 10s
"How Do You Know You Are Hungry?" by Zack Johnson
Show Details45min 25s
"Midnight Message" by Peter Hoover
Show Details1hr 8min
"A Good Report of Faith" by Curt Wagoner
Show Details39min 26s
"Ingredients of an Indigenous Church" by Gary Kauffman
Show Details43min 54s
"Church Planting Related Issues – Panel Discussion" by Allen Roth, David Bercot, Ernest Eby, and Gary Kauffman
Show Details35min 53s
"The Vision for Church Planting in America and Beyond" by Allen Roth
Show Details38min 11s
"Tower of Babel or City of God?" by Ken Miller
Show Details48min 34s
"Babylon, Paris, Zion: Is Your Citizenship Obvious?" by Finny Kuruvilla
Show Details50min 42s
"Practical Advice on Utilizing Technology — Panel Discussion" by Chris Blake, Gary Miller, Harry Argo, Kevin Shenk, and Kyle Stoltzfus
Show Details1hr 5min
"What Is God’s Will for My Life?" by Harry Argo
Show Details1hr 24min
"Authentic Relationships" by Linda Miller
Show Details1hr 20min
"Surviving the Tech Tsunami" by Gary Miller
Show Details52min 14s
"Time for a Media Ethic" by Harry Argo
Show Details1hr 8min
"Christians in Babylon" by Ken Miller
Show Details37min 13s
"Discipleship as the Foundation for Church Planting" by Finny Kuruvilla
Show Details59min 55s
"Encountering Christ in the Fellowship of the Saints" by Dale Heisey
Show Details1hr 17min
"Encountering Christ in Worship" by John D. Martin
Show Details50min 5s
"Encountering Christ in the Breaking of Bread" by Curt Wagoner
Show Details1hr 4min
"The Enabling Power of a Restful Heart" by Caroline Mast
Show Details39min 2s
"All-Nations Bible Translation Ministry Presentation" by Aaron Crider
Show Details18min 35s
"Scroll Publishing Ministry Presentation" by David Bercot
Show Details17min 3s
"Sattler College Ministry Presentation" by Finny Kuruvilla
Show Details17min 29s
"Encountering Christ in the Apostles’ Doctrine" by Terry Myers
Show Details56min 48s
"Encountering Christ in Prayer" by Brent Bear
Show Details57min 8s
"Knowing Christ" by Dale Heisey
Show Details48min 59s
"Evangelism and Discipleship" by Lloyd Troyer
Show Details40min 14s
"Multiplication and Discipleship" by Finny Kuruvilla
Show Details47min 37s
"Community and Discipleship – Panel Discussion" by Matthew Milioni, John D. Martin, Dean Taylor, and Ernest Eby
Show Details1hr 35min
"Small Groups and Discipleship" by David Adams
Show Details20min 41s
"Singles and Discipleship" by Matthias Overholt
Show Details17min 1s
"Families and Discipleship" by Clayton Shenk
Show Details14min 30s
"Jesus and Discipleship" by Dean Taylor
Show Details1hr 11min
"21st Century and Discipleship" by Joe Root
Show Details33min 42s
"Blowing the Trumpet" by Joe Root
Show Details28min 4s
"Lifting a Standard Against the Plague of Immorality – Panel Discussion" by Donald Brechbill, Matthew Milioni, Roger Hertzler, and Tim Power
Show Details1hr 34min
"Save Lives to Serve Jesus" by Dwayne Stoltzfus
Show Details17min 15s
"Lifting a Standard Against the Innocent Bloodshed of Abortion" by Finny Kuruvilla
Show Details28min 13s
"Handwriting on the Wall" by Curt Wagoner
Show Details20min 43s