The Music of Heaven

2m | Aug 28, 2022

The Music of Heaven

Elisha A. Hoffman, 1839-1929

1 The music of heaven is sweeter in measure

And purer in every strain,

Than the music of earth, tho’ it fills us with pleasure,

As it thrillingly rolls over valley and plain.


Oh, music of heaven

So rich and so sweet;

Oh, joy that it brings us!

So full and complete.

2 The music of heaven is grander in rhyming

Than any that mortal e’er toned,

And the mansions of glory forever are chiming

With the songs that arise to the Saviour enthroned.

3 The music of heaven, no mortal can sing it,

Save he who attunes his poor soul,

At the throne of the Father, to swell and to ring it,

With the angels to make it thru paradise roll.

Chorus director: Mark Beachy

Hymns of the Church, # 1013

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