"Spiritual Disciplines in the Context of Marriage and Motherhood" by Mariel Frost

1h 19m | Aug 26, 2023

Spiritual disciplines are basically hidden from the eyes of others, but that which we’ve received from Jesus is going to splash out to bless all the people around us. We will be under pressure what we have rehearsed in our leisure.

A mother can incorporate spiritual disciplines as she goes through her day. Singing and Bible memory is something that you can do with your children. It doesn’t need to be an either-or thing of spending time building your relationship with God or managing the household. That running conversation going on in your head during the day – you can turn it into a conversation with God. There are numerous ways that a child-bearing mother can fast, and thereby nurture an eternal perspective.

Motivated by our highest love to Jesus, we’re willing to diligently pursue priorities that help us thrive spiritually. As we sense our weakness and inadequacy, we lean into Christ’s strength.

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