Highly Sensitive Soul Podcast (for HSPs)

For Highly Sensitive Souls on a conscious journey of discovering their gifts and their purpose while building an intentional life.

For those who are curious about both the science and spirituality behind being a Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP). Weaving this knowledge to create tools, practices, and rituals to support your unique self.

Covering topics from energy healing to entrepreneurship, from Nature’s wisdom to the nervous system, we’ll be taking both a broad look and a deep dive at what it means to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Soul.

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5. Easing Overwhelm Series: Energetic Plant Medicine and Flower Essences for Overwhelm
Show Details39min 30s
4. Easing Overwhelm Series: Inner Rhythms (Beyond a Morning Practice)
Show Details24min 48s
3. Easing Overwhelm Series: Soothing Sensation
Show Details8min 43s
2. Easing Overwhelm Series: Transition Time
Show Details11min 31s
1. What is a Highly Sensitive Person anyway? And the #1 thing I wish every Highly Sensitive knew
Show Details36min 44s
0. All about the Highly Sensitive Soul Podcast
Show Details4min 46s