BENZINGA FLORIDA 2024-Sandra Bergman with ESBE Marketing

15m | May 5, 2024

Sandra Bergman, the founder and CEO of ESBE Marketing, emphasized the significance of effective loyalty programs in retail cannabis operations.

She stressed the need for businesses to analyze loyalty program performance through metrics, engage customers beyond discounts, and promote loyalty programs through in-store execution.

Strategies for incentivizing bud tenders were explored, including tying incentives to loyalty sign-ups and utilizing various touchpoints within dispensaries. Sandra underscored the importance of offering tailored rewards based on customer preferences and creating a personalized customer experience.

She advised on loyalty program management, suggesting a balance between incentives and financial considerations, efficient point redemption, and clear communication about points balance, expiration dates, and reward qualifications.

Sandra also highlighted the importance of iterating on loyalty programs to enhance customer experience and drive consistent foot traffic through transparent communication and measures like point expiration policies

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