Sol Care Rituals and Prioritize Your Mental Wellbeing

22m | Jun 3, 2024

Sol Care Rituals founder Marisol Ledezma shares how she launched her business about a year and a half ago and is approaching her two-year anniversary. She also speaks about her company's offerings for the mind, body, and soul, including a new line called Luna.

Sole Care's Founding and Marisol's Journey: Marisol shared her personal story behind her establishment of Sol Care, a wellness brand focused on self-care rituals. She explained that her experience in the corporate world became toxic, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, leading her to prioritize her mental wellbeing. Marisol highlighted her dedication to promoting mental health and her personal experience of how cannabis has improved her well-being. We also discuss Marisol's positivity as a key factor in her success, and Marisol confirmed that soul care rituals have been a defining factor in her recovery.

Quality Products and Mental Health Initiatives: Marisol also discusses their shared commitment to quality products and supporting mental health initiatives. Marisol also emphasized her personal philosophy of giving back and improving herself through meditation and a spiritual mindset, which led her to prioritize charitable contributions. She mentioned that she donates 3% of her products to organizations like the Wellness House for Cancer, which not only provides mental health services but also has a spiritual component.

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