Preserving Cannabis Genetics and Fighting Dud Disease with James Krouse of Flower Power Genetics

23m | Jun 17, 2024

Grassroots Marketing interviews James Krouse, Founder and CEO of Flower Power Genetics. James delves into the creation of "Adam," a hybrid cannabis strain developed from vintage seeds stored for over 30 years. This strain, a cross between a tropical Sativa and an Indica from the Middle East, aims to preserve genetic diversity and maintain medicinal properties while being adaptable to various climates. James discusses the challenges of hybridizing cannabis, emphasizing the importance of preserving pure genetics amidst the risk of erosion and disease susceptibility.

James also sheds light on the epidemic of 'Dud Disease' in cannabis plants, an RNA virus embedded in the plant's DNA, affecting over 90% of samples in California. This disease reduces yield, stunts growth, and diminishes the plant's psychoactive properties, posing a significant challenge for the industry as it cannot be detected through standard THC testing.

The conversation shifts to the pros and cons of indoor versus outdoor cannabis growing. James highlights that while indoor growing offers controlled environments, their genetics are adaptable to both settings. He notes their shorter harvest time of 60 days, specifically bred for medicinal purposes to reduce disease risks.

James shares user praise for their cannabis products, especially noting the high THCv content which offers benefits like appetite suppression. He explains the role of genetics in determining the plant's medicinal value and the challenges of maintaining high-THC genetics without compromising medicinal qualities. They also discuss the implications of the DEA's recent announcement to reschedule cannabis.

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