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Get Real: Indie Filmmakers

Surviving as a Filmmaker in 2019. Join us as we chat about all things indie film, including interviews with industry pros.


Know Your On-Set Lingo | guest Christine Chen
Show Details22min 37s
Directing TV | guest Dan Attias
Show Details22min 46s
Surviving in a Predatory Film Industry | guest Alex Ferrari
Show Details56min 24s
Finding Local Crew With an App | guests Joshua A. Friedman & Voravong Nachampassak
Show Details21min 29s
Comedy, Cancel Culture, & Political Correctness | guest Steve Kaplan - Ep41
Show Details34min 34s
How to Explain Your Film to Others | guest Heather Hale - Ep40
Show Details35min 22s
SPECIAL REPORT #2: New Inside Info on Distribber's Closing | guests Alex Firarri & Jeff Witzeman
Show Details45min 46s
SPECIAL REPORT: Distribber Closing?
Show Details23min 14s
The Gaffer Tape Show | guest Marty Gage - Ep39
Show Details25min 58s
Don't Forget Audio Description for the Blind | guest Roy Samuelson - Ep38
Show Details36min 51s
Keeping Global Audiences in Mind as You Write | guest Weiko Lin - Ep37
Show Details18min 4s
Why Screenwriters Should Study Film Editing | guest Greg Loftin - Ep36
Show Details33min 1s
Finding Money for Your Film | guest Ben Yennie - Ep35
Show Details53min 46s
3 Steps to Creating Suspense With the Hitchcock Whisperer- Ep34
Show Details27min 23s
Directing a 90s Period Piece and Attaching Stars | guest William Dickerson - Ep33
Show Details51min 38s
Minneapolis Meetup with Michael Wiese Authors | guest Ken Lee - Ep32
Show Details29min 21s
Tough Casting Choices as a Director, How to Lead Auditions | guest Peter D. Marshall - Ep31
Show Details16min 50s
Collaboration is a Delicate Art | guest Linda Seger - Ep30
Show Details21min 21s
Film Distribution & Marketing 101 | guest Jason Brubaker - Ep29
Show Details47min
Finding Stock Footage | guest James Forsher - Ep28
Show Details33min 23s
New 'Save the Cat!' Writing Software | guests Jason Kolinsky & Bob McFarlane - Ep27
Show Details15min 40s
Finding Investors for Indie Films | guest Tom Malloy - Ep26
Show Details27min 41s
Film Financing Via House Parties | guest Morrie Warshawski - Ep25
Show Details19min 54s
Solve Your Fear of Marketing: Hire a PMD | guest Diane Bell - Ep23
Show Details23min 19s
Mythologist John Bucher on 2019 Oscars and New Media | Ep24
Show Details23min 40s
Filmmakers Living in Vans in LA | guest Katie Kilkenny
Show Details18min 32s
Clint Eastwood as a Filmmaker | guest Lester D. Friedman - Ep21
Show Details17min 44s
Film Festival Essentials: Making the Most of Your Film | guest Rona Edwards - Ep20
Show Details50min 17s
When to Fire Someone on Your Production | guest Mara Lesemann - Ep19
Show Details38min 25s
Visual Storytelling + Apu Update | guest Morgan Sandler - Ep18
Show Details20min 43s
Getting the Forensic Stuff Right in a Crime Story | guest Jennifer Dornbush
Show Details25min 55s
Star Attachment Advice for Indie Producers | guest Mara Lesemann - Ep16
Show Details38min 38s
Documentary Filmmaking Secrets from the Docu-Diva | guest Barbara Multer-Wellin - Ep15
Show Details23min 8s
Suspense With the Hitchcock Whisperer | guest Jeffrey Michael Bays - Ep14
Show Details26min 40s
Produce Your Own Script and Stop Waiting | guest Diane Bell - Ep13
Show Details37min 22s
Crowdfunding Your Film | guest John Trigonis - Ep12
Show Details35min 20s
Costly Set Mistakes + New Filmmaking Books | guest Ken Lee
Show Details30min 37s
Web Series Have Career-Building Power | guest Kathie Fong-Yoneda
Show Details41min 32s
Comedy Writing in an Outrage Era | guest Steve Kaplan
Show Details41min 30s
Finding Crew + 'Save the Cat' in Your Car | Guests Joshua Friedman, Michael Olah, Erik Black, Amanda Heilmen
Show Details33min 33s
Turn Your Phone Into a Film Studio | Guest Fran Jago
Show Details28min 27s
Actors Becoming Filmmakers | Guest Michael Laskin
Show Details30min 2s
Depression and Filmmaking | Guest William Dickerson
Show Details48min 32s
Surviving on a Changing YouTube | Guests Sean Cannell, Houston Coley
Show Details40min 45s
Apu Script Contest + Advice for Women in Film | Guests John Rhodes, Mara Lesemann
Show Details31min 23s
Hitchcock #MeToo and Crowdfunding | guest John Trigonis - Ep2
Show Details32min 23s
Your Screenplay Sucks | guest William Akers - Ep1
Show Details22min 2s