Episode 53: Get Writing turns one!

28m | Feb 21, 2024

Today is ONE YEAR since the Get Writing Podcast launched.

One year. I kind of can’t believe it.

I’d been thinking about starting a podcast for a while. I’d created, launched and hosted a podcast at my last corporate job, and while the conversations were way more scripted than I liked, I really loved it. And I thought, talking about writing, with other writers, would be so fun.

I wasn’t wrong.

I have LOVED bringing the Get Writing Podcast to all of you over this past year. I’ve had so many amazing conversations with so many people—some of whom I know really well, and others who I just met because of the podcast, and some have become friends which is so cool.

When I started the show, I knew I wanted to cover all aspects of writing. As a mystery author myself, I knew the crime genre would be a big piece of it, along with process and publishing and deadlines and marketing and community and the highs and lows of being in this business.

I also knew I wanted to cover not just crime, but all kinds of writing. Over the past year I’ve talked to romance authors, fantasy authors, self-help authors, memoir authors and more. I love the spectrum of conversations, all held together by that one creative thread of putting words down on the page in some form that will touch or change someone’s life.

But something I realized a long time ago is that writing isn’t something that compartmentalizes well. What I mean by that is, if you’re not tending to yourself as a whole person, you’re probably not tending to your creative self very well. And to me that means establishing a writing practice that’s sustainable - which means finding the creative process that works for you. It means working every day on your mindset, because without a good mindset, you’re going to struggle and probably not get much accomplished. And it means celebrating the communities you find and make along the way.

So for this episode I wanted to highlight some of my favorites from each of those buckets - creative process, mindset and community.

Here are the links to the full show episodes:

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I hope you enjoyed this look-back to this past year. More, I hope you’ve enjoyed the podcast so far. I can’t wait to bring you more episodes that help your writing life expand joyfully, productively and successfully.

If you have ideas on topics you want to hear about, send them to me. You can find me on IG @lizmugavero or at my website,

As always, thanks for tuning in, and keep writing, keep creating and keep sharing your words with the world.

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