Episode 56: How to write your way to confidence with author Teri Brown

1h 2m | Mar 12, 2024

Being able to write is about so much more than the technical ability to put a story together. It’s about having the confidence in yourself to sit down and write. And then it's about writing some more. Learning, improving your craft, trying again—and believing in yourself. And the environment you’re in is so important to your mindset.

My guest today knows this better than most. Teri Brown survived an emotionally abusive relationship and had the courage to keep putting her words on the page, but it wasn’t until she challenged herself with a cross-country tandem bike ride with her new husband that she finally found her voice.

Today she’s a published author who is living her passion.

She and I had the best conversation. We talked about:

• Her big bike adventure and her new love story

• How she got the idea for her first book about three generations of Ukrainian women

• How she handles her characters telling her what to do

• How to REALLY celebrate all your milestones.

Teri is such a delight—and I know you’ll feel inspired after this conversation.

You can find out more about Teri at

And follow her on Instagram @terimbrown_author

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