Episode 57: Behind the scenes: A look into the real world of private investigators with investigator and author John Nardizzi (Part 1)

44m | Mar 19, 2024

Ever wondered what a real life private investigator really does?

Me too! Well, get excited because today I’m answering that question for you with my guest, investigator, lawyer and author John Nardizzi.

And no—it has nothing to do with spying on cheating spouses. At least, not this investigative firm.

John Nardizzi is the founder of Nardizzi & Assocs., Inc., a private detective agency in Boston. His firm has been lauded for its unique, high-end approach to investigating everything from white collar crimes to cold cases to wrongful convictions. John’s work on innocence cases earned him the Arc of Justice Award from the New England Innocence Project. He was also named 2023 Investigator of the Year from the World Association of Detectives.

And of course, he channeled his day job into a second career as an author, writing a PI series that has also gained critical acclaim. More about that in part two—yes, this one’s a two parter!

In this episode, John and I focus on his PI work, including:

• The surprising experience he looks for when hiring investigators

• How the field has evolved over the years and what makes his work different

• His work on the New England Innocence Project and some of the cases that make it all worthwhile

• The intersection of justice and investigative work

There is so much great information in this episode, and John is so fun to talk to. If you’ve ever wanted a peek behind the curtains into what private investigators’ lives really look like, you don’t want to miss this episode.

You can find out more about John’s firm here:

And his books here:

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