Episode 46: How to remember your writing dreams with author Steph Katzovi

42m | Jan 9, 2024

Have you always known you wanted to be a writer, but you changed course because you needed to find a more “realistic” way to live your life?

Well, don't worry, friend - it’s never too late. My guest today, Steph Katzovi, knew she wanted to be a writer in the third grade, but she traded that dream in for law school and later, a career as a communications consultant.

But eventually, she came back to that dream and picked it up with both hands, becoming a children’s author and putting positive messages for tweens out into the world.

We talk about:

• What it felt like to remember how much she loved writing

• The process of writing her first book

• How she keeps herself motivated and inspired

And so much more.

We had such a fun talk - you don't want to miss this one. If you’re feeling that urge to come back to your writing, or explore a desire to write, make sure you tune in.

Find out more about Steph at and find links to her books.

Connect with me on IG here: for updates.

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