Episode 55: Magical pets, fortune cookies and cozy mysteries with author Jen Chow

44m | Mar 5, 2024

If magical cozies are your thing, you’re going to be delighted by today’s show. I have my friend and fellow cozy author Jen Chow with me today. This is so fun because the first book in Jen’s new series, the Magical Fortune Cookie Mysteries, recently came out and it’s such a delight. Aside from yummy-sounding fortune cookies and magical bunnies, what is so great about Jen’s book is the way she takes us right into a brand new culture and makes us feel like we’re part of it.

The Magical Fortune Cookie Mysteries take place in a Chinese bakery in California, and you get to see how a pro creates a world and allows people into it with just enough knowledge and understanding that they immediately feel at home.

And I think that’s the best part about cozies—when done well, like this book, they do such a great job of creating a sense of place and community and honestly make you feel like you’ve got a whole new set of friends when the book is over.

We’re talking today about:

• How she created this world and her delightful characters

• Her other books, including her Sassy Cat Mysteries, which also feature magical furries

• Her writing life and process

• The communities she’s found along the way and how they’ve influenced her career.

If you love cozies, magic and pets, you don't want to miss this one.

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