Episode 51: How to write character intimacy—even if you’re not writing romance—with Trisha Loehr

43m | Feb 13, 2024

Happy Valentine’s week! It’s easy as a mystery writer who is, by all accounts, way better at murder than love to ignore the romance in the air this week. But that would be missing a huge opportunity to talk about the intricacies of writing intimacy between characters, regardless of genre and, more importantly, genre expectations.

You may remember my guest today from Episode 16, The Real Value of Romance Novels.

Trisha Loehr is a romance writer and book coach, and she’s my resident expert on all things love and romance—because let’s face it, that is NOT my forte! Just being honest :)

We had some fun with this conversation.

We talk about:

• “Spice level” branding of romance novels

• Expectations in the romance genre and the overlap into the traditional and cozy mystery genres

• How to create and show intimacy between characters, even those unromantically involved

• How to know in which genre you REALLY want to write

And so much more.

If you missed my first episode with Trisha, you can find it here.

You can find out more about Trisha here:

And follow her on Instagram @trishajennreads.

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