Between Neens & Deens

we're just two 20-something-year-olds tryna navigate life as young first time parents. we invite you into the intimate conversations that usually just stay between us as we talk about all things money, sex, relationships and parenthood. hosted by @yourgirlneens and @dejansdayoff. you can find us on IG @neensanddeens. interested in advertising on our show? email us at (intro song by @callmeside)


when we knew it was time to move in together
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our first two weeks of parenthood
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how my four day labour ended in an emergency c-section
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our pregnancy in a nutshell
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sometimes we miss being single
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our (home) birth plan
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getting cheated on was the best thing to happen to me
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why I cheated on someone I loved
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it's time to drop your toxic friends
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sorry mom, but marriage can wait
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how we decided to keep our unplanned pregnancy
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find someone that matches your crazy
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