S4E1 - The Plan

33m | Dec 26, 2021

While the halls of Garnet keep are filled with merriment once again, a mysterious elf, Isenatha (Haley Munoz) approaches the group about a way to turn the tide against Lord Pallus.

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JD Rose - Associate Producer Brian Dowling Corey Pfautsch Daniel Nichols Hayley Muñoz Joleen Fresquez Stormy Cone Sondra Raby

Cast   Mike Atchley ... Keldor (voice) Hayley Munoz ... Isenatha (voice) J.D. Rose ... Dabria (voice) Joleen Fresquez ... Cordelia Shieldheart (voice) Rebecca Atchley ... Una (voice) Jordan Thompson ... Eralin (voice) Lesley Beckmann ... Elona the Fair (voice) Brian Dowling ... Benedict Shieldheart (voice) Jessica Atchley ... Elloveve (voice) Kara Danvers ... Lorvana Birdsong (voice) Matthew Bianchi ... Armorer / Captain (voice)

Original Music and Sound design by Mike Atchley

Script Editor Susan Thomas

"Dawn of Dragons" Theme by Daniel Nichols

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Dice Tower Theatre presents: Dawn of Dragons - an Audio Adventure