S6E3 - Dark Sisters

Season 6 | Episode 3
18m | Mar 3, 2024

In this episode, we join Una and Dabria as they follow the grim shadow of Ash De La Rosa's voice into the giantlands seeking ancient Strath. As they travel though Dabria's memories continue to haunt her. Showing shades of her past, lost on a distant shore. 

Thanks to our patrons, supporters and cast for keeping the story going! Patrons: Ryan Donnelly, JD Rose, Return2Sender, Brian Dowling, Corey Pfautsch, Daniel Nichols, Hayley Muñoz, Joleen Fresquez, Stormy Cone, Rori Christenson, Jordan Thompson, Kenneth Hunt, John O'Dell, Michael Schofield, Jane V Hunt, Top of the Round, Zachary Auld, John Odell

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Appearing in this episode:

DABRIA the Death Cleric - JD Rose

UNA the Oracle - Becky Atchley

Dabria's Father - Tyler Caldron

UNA - Becky Atchley

KELDOR the Narrator Mike Atchley


Written, Produced and Directed by Mike Atchley and Joleen Fresquez

Script Editor Susan Thomas

Original Music and Sound design by Mike Atchley.

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