Remastered Prologue Part 1 Announcement

Episode 42
21m | Dec 7, 2022

Gearing up for season 5 we are revisiting out original episodes and cleaning them up.  The story refers back and we want to make them as good as we can for you all.  :)


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Dice Tower Theatre presents Dawn of dragons is a radioplay style retelling of a TTRPG campaign over several years of gameplay.  A fantasy story both new and familiar.

Join us as we begin our adventure in a blacksmith's shop...

|CAST| | YOUNG SOPHIE - Sabrina Patten | YOUNG CORDELIA - Arianna Atchley | YOUNG BENEDICT - Jesse Davis | YOUNG ZORIN - Gryffn Foote | YOUNG ZANE - Storm S Cone | LARAHANA SHIELDHEART - Laura Jerdak - | EREBUS SHIELDHEART - Jesse Phillips - | LORD PALLUS - Ian Wilkinson | ELLOVEVE HAWKLIGHT - Jessica Atchley | NARRATOR - Mike Atchley

All Music/Production by Mike Atchley Now REMASTERED!

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Dice Tower Theatre presents: Dawn of Dragons - an Audio Adventure