S4E5 Part2 - Lost Secrets

28m | Apr 10, 2022

In this conclusion to the 2 part special episode Sophie and Skotmir fight for their lives in the fighting arena as Zorin finds what they need  to know and can finally try to escape the city of blood and fire!  But at what cost?

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JD Rose

Brian Dowling

Corey Pfautsch

Daniel Nichols

Hayley Muñoz

Joleen Fresquez

Stormy Cone

Rori Christenson

Sondra Raby


SOPHIE: Sarah Jenkins SKOTMIR: Colten Janssenn ZANE and THOTMIR: Storm S Cone ZORIN: Cody Miller ERALIN: Jordan Thompson ISENATHA: Hayley Munoz ANNOUNCER: Joshua Thomas IBN DRAGONHEART: Elric Atchison GUARD: Ryan VanDeKamp KEHLVAN: Scott Blankfield BLOODPIT CROWD: The Dice Tower Theatre Gamers MALDROS the dark and KELDOR THE NARRATOR: Mike Atchley

Produced and Directed by Mike Atchley

Recording Assistant Joleen Fresquez

Assistant Directors Corey Pfautsch and Brian Dowling

Script Editor Susan Thomas

Original Music and Sound design by Mike Atchley.

"Dawn of Dragons" Theme by Daniel Nichols Monster Footsteps by JV Torres All these and others used by permission.

Dice Tower Theatre presents: Dawn of Dragons - an Audio Adventure