S4E3 - The Arena

39m | Feb 6, 2022

The City of Fire holds at its heart a towering arena of blood and death. As some of our adventurers discover the reality of the cruel sport run by the kobolds, blinded by greed, the other discover a secret deep under the city. A secret with shining wings.

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JD Rose  Brian Dowling Corey Pfautsch Daniel Nichols Hayley Muñoz Joleen Fresquez Stormy Cone Sondra Raby

Cast   ZORIN: Cody Miller DABRIA: JD Rose BENEDICT: Brian Dowling SOPHIE: Sarah Jenkins CORDELIA: Joleen Fresquez LORVANA: Kara Danvers ISENATHA: Hayley Munoz UNA: Becky Atchley CHALKOS: Scott C Brown SKOTMIR: Colten Janssenn THOTMIR: Storm S Cone DEKKION: Matthew Bianchi FURY: Barret Giant ANNOUNCER: Joshua Thomas AZURE: Heath Martin GUARD 1: Ryan VanDeKamp KEHLVAN: Scott Blankfield MORTAS, ORC 2: Harlan Guthrie STOCUK: Tyler Caldron ORC1: Patrick Mendelsohn KOBOLD, EXTRAS: Shannon Roby LORD PALLUS: Ian Wilkinson (Posthumous) ORC CENTURIAN: Elric Atchison ANGEL: Arianna Atchley NAR - KELDOR, OGRE, KOBOLDS,: Mike Atchley


Produced and Directed by Mike Atchley

Recording Assistant Joleen Fresquez

Assistant Directors Corey Pfautsch and Brian Dowling

Script Editor Susan Thomas

Original Music and Sound design by Mike Atchley.   "Dawn of Dragons" Theme by Daniel Nichols Monster Footsteps by JV Torres  All these and others used by permission.

Dice Tower Theatre presents: Dawn of Dragons - an Audio Adventure