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Wise Content Creates Wealth

The Podcast on How to Change Your World with a Profound Mix of Content, Promotion, Data, and Search

Wise Content Creates Wealth is a podcast dedicated to that unique piece of content that launches careers, creates empires, gets man to the moon, popularizes new world religions, and builds financial wealth. This is a type of content called Wise Content. We will translate the historical examples of history into meaningful lessons for digital marketing today, and bring in experts to create a full picture of how any company or individual can utilize the tools of big data, AI, search engines, and psychology to create paradigm-shifting content that achieves the success and wealth they desire.

The podcast is hosted by Joseph Franklyn McElroy, who is an award-winning technologist, museum artist, published author, renowned search engine expert, and founder of several multimillion-dollar companies. Each episode will feature a historical tale of successful content that sets the stage for the rest of the podcast, followed by a guest expert who will enrich the listener with insight, knowledge, and practical advice on how to create, promote, or convert with Wise Content and achieve their dreams. In the end, Joseph will tie in tips, further education, events, conferences, and other resources that relate to the overall theme of the episode.

The themes and advice expressed on the show are explored further on Joseph’s blog on LinkedIn or his company blog at Galileo Tech Media.


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Today's guest on Wise Content Creates Wealth is Jessica Nowak- Director of Strategic Accounts at BrightEdge technologies. She leads the Strategic Accounts team that oversees over 200 Channel partners offering Enterprise SEO and Content Marketing services.

Tune in for this intelligent conversation at TalkRadio.nyc or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Joseph introduces his guest Jessica Nowak, the director of Strategic Accounts at BrightEdge technologies, which Joseph makes use of in his own company. Joseph brings up the new breakthrough in ranking in Google, and how now Google doesn’t just rank the actual content of the page, but different passages within the page as well. This change allows for searches to become more holistic, and allow for users to get web pages that better specifically match their search as their top rank. Joseph explains how to best set up one’s webpage to benefit off of this change in search engine optimization, and endorses the use of schema to better change one’s content for Google ranking. Joseph and Jessica discuss Jessica’s background in search engine optimization, and how she didn’t originally plan to go into search engine optimization, but rather happened into it. Jessica explained how she was first hired by BrightEdge, and her journey while working there, and how her role has changed from then to the present day. Joseph and Jessica discuss the environment of search engine optimization in 2014, and how BrightEdge’s decisions related to SEO helped in keeping SEO “hip” in the modern day. Jessica explains what BrightEdge is and what work it does.

Segment 2

Jessica explains how search data is the voice of the customer, and how search is the largest marketing channel, and search traffic makes up over fifty percent of web traffic. She continues to explain the importance of search data, and how the more visibility around search data, allows her and BrightEdge to better create content to create more quality clicks for their customers. Jessica brings up the example of face masks, and how the intent of face masks have changed greatly over the course of 2020, as at the beginning of the year searches related to face masks focused around the beauty industry, while at the end of the year searches related to face masks focused around ppe. The two discuss new technologies that were developed by BridgeEdge that help their customer better cater and polish their content for their web presence. Joseph and Jessica discuss the organization of the content, specifically topic clusters.

Segment 3

Joseph and Jessica discuss content automation, specifically through the product BrightEdge Autopilot developed by BrightEdge, and the difficulty of trying to automate content without different issues coming up. Jessica discusses internal linking, and how it is cumbersome to large sites and it is not as effective from a SEO perspective, but through BrightEdge Autopilot automates this, and eliminates the links that bring down the sites rank, and instead finds and distributes better links for the site. With the cleaning up of internal linking, it creates more non branding visibility in a short amount of time, a process that could take months manually, but through Autopilot visibility results could be found within ninety days. Jessica discusses load time for photos and videos, and how through enhancing the mobile aspects of the webpage, which creates a shorter load time for photos and videos, which helps the page through the mobile algorithm ranking system. The two discuss the uplift that Autopilot can provide, and what variables contribute to a meaningful uplift to a site. Jessica explains the term “low hanging fruit” in terms of search engine optimization, and that is related to content that is “below the fold”.

Segment 4

Joseph and Jessica discuss Market Insights, a new product created by Bright Edge that addresses the specific problem of marketing planning cycles, that leverages search data to figure out what motivates consumer decisions. Jessica describes it as a search data BI tool, to help understand new opportunities as they emerge, as well as shifts in marketing demand, to best help decide how best to use a marketing budget. The two discuss future predictions for marketing content trends, specifically for digital marketing. Jessica explains how through leveraging search data, one’s content can be relevant to who they’re marketing to, as well as engaging.

48min 54s
Published Mar 12, 2021 at 6:00pm
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