Wise Content Creates Wealth

The Podcast on How to Change Your World with a Profound Mix of Content, Promotion, Data, and Search

Wise Content Creates Wealth is a podcast dedicated to that unique piece of content that launches careers, creates empires, gets man to the moon, popularizes new world religions, and builds financial wealth. This is a type of content called Wise Content. We will translate the historical examples of history into meaningful lessons for digital marketing today, and bring in experts to create a full picture of how any company or individual can utilize the tools of big data, AI, search engines, and psychology to create paradigm-shifting content that achieves the success and wealth they desire.

The podcast is hosted by Joseph Franklyn McElroy, who is an award-winning technologist, museum artist, published author, renowned search engine expert, and founder of several multimillion-dollar companies. Each episode will feature a historical tale of successful content that sets the stage for the rest of the podcast, followed by a guest expert who will enrich the listener with insight, knowledge, and practical advice on how to create, promote, or convert with Wise Content and achieve their dreams. In the end, Joseph will tie in tips, further education, events, conferences, and other resources that relate to the overall theme of the episode.

The themes and advice expressed on the show are explored further on Joseph’s blog on LinkedIn or his company blog at Galileo Tech Media.


AI’s Role in Predicting Decisions for Future Ad Campaigns
Show Details46min 22s
Who Can Create Optimized Content and Why the Answer Could be Everyone
Show Details49min 14s
SEO Reporting - Getting ROI From Your Wise Content Strategy
Show Details50min 37s
How Wise Content Avoids Content Overload
Show Details47min 19s
AI Automation & Digital Marketing
Show Details47min 8s
Cutting Production Time with AI
Show Details47min 41s
How SEMRush Produces Wise Content
Show Details48min 30s
Content Production with AI & MarketMuse
Show Details48min
Co-Creation with Influencers and AI on the Bella Platform
Show Details48min 6s
Growing your Audience with AI & WordLift
Show Details47min 27s
Wise Content Requires Wise Content Management
Show Details47min 45s
Next Generation Content Analytics with Cortex
Show Details47min 26s
Wise Content Ideation with BrightEdge, A Leading AI-Driven SEO & Content Marketing Platform
Show Details48min 54s
Overcoming Obstacles To Get The Decision
Show Details47min 55s
Building Trust with Wise Content
Show Details48min 30s
Content Experience Analysis
Show Details47min 50s
Customer Experience and Wise Content
Show Details47min 54s
Wise Content Strategy ROI Models
Show Details50min 26s
SEO & Content Marketing
Show Details49min 27s
Amazon Product Sales With Wise Content
Show Details51min 3s
Wisdom on Content and Search Engines
Show Details50min 30s
Occupy Your Content
Show Details50min 14s