222. When Your Worries and Whys Need More Than Temporary Relief (with Lisa Whittle)

34m | Aug 8, 2023

We don't have many repeat guests on the podcast, but I was so happy to have Lisa Whittle back in the studio to talk about her new book God Knows: When Your Worries and Whys Need More Than Temporary Relief!

This book is all about finding rest and comfort in God, and I just really love how Lisa's heart points people to Jesus through her work. Lisa and I dive deep into her trilogy of books, Jesus Over EverythingThe Hard Good, and now God Knows, which, together, offer a full picture of living a spiritual life.

Lisa's insights on trust, faith, and finding rest in God are incredibly powerful and practical. They aren’t just theoretical; they give you actual ways to practice resting in God in your everyday life, and I strongly encourage you to grab copies of her books! The newest book especially will allow you to soak up what it means to live with those two simple words: God knows.

In This Episode

[00:35] - Welcome back to the show, Lisa Whittle!

[3:04] - Lisa used to love giving opinions but has learned the value in pointing towards Jesus.

[6:06] - Lisa discusses her trilogy of books.

[8:48] – Getting priorities in order and working through personal issues can enhance rest.

[10:22] - Why is rest so important, according to Lisa?

[14:04] - Lisa addresses some of the things people look to for pain relief.

[17:21] - Hear about what Lisa calls the “thin line” between healthy and unhealthy behaviors.

[20:32] - I point out how I really appreciate how practical the book is.

[21:29] - Lisa expresses the profound impact that writing the book has had on her life.

[24:52] - Embracing the idea of "God knows" has transformed me for the better.

[29:38] – Lisa offers advice to listeners, encouraging them to avoid complicating the process.

[32:23] – I wrap up, emphasizing the importance of opening up our hands and releasing control.

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