263. Our Goals for a Slowed Down Summer

27m | Jun 7, 2024

This week, join us as we share our goals for this summer! You might recall from our recent episodes our theme for the summer is a Slowed Down Summer.

Today, we're talking more about what we plan for that to look like and the specific goals I set for the summer to help me live out that theme. Some of these goals might seem -- at first -- a bit contradictory to the idea of slowing down, but I share more in this episode how these will help me walk out my hope for slowing down this summer.

I set a running goal -- which is something that is so cathartic to me! And a reading goal, which is also something that helps me to slow down. In this episode, I share about how I'm incorporating more reading into my day. I also set a reading goal for two chapter books I want to finish with the younger kids + some preschool I want to finish with them over the summer.

Finally, we are hoping to plan in lots of dates as a couple and dates with the older kids. I set specific numbers to shoot for, but it's mostly just able intentionally prioritizing time to be together and have fun together.

What are your goals and hopes for this summer? I'd love to hear!

In This Episode

[0:35] - Our goals for a slowed-down summer!

[1:42] - A little update on savoring vs. surviving graduation week.

[7:45] - I recently finished reading Win at Work and Succeed at Life, which challenged me to rethink overworking and balance business with personal priorities.

[10:31] - My summer goals focus on working less and slowing down, with specific objectives to achieve this.

[11:11] - Goal #1: Run 100 miles and why it doesn't contradict slowing down.

[14:33] - Goal #2: finish 50 books!

[18:30] - Goal #3: finish reading Farmer Boy and Little House on the Prairie with the younger kids.

[19:44] - Goal #4: finish reading the Biggest Story Bible with the younger kids and Goal #5: go on eight dates with her older kids.

[21:21] - Goal #6: Goal on 15 dates with Jesse.

[22:25] - Prioritizing one-on-one dates with the older kids, embracing flexibility while aiming for monthly quality time together.

[24:59] - Jesse hopes to finally finish Three Felonies a Day this summer.

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