251. Removing Toxins from Your Life Without Adding Them to Your Personality (with Emily Morrow)

37m | Mar 12, 2024

I’m guessing many of you have seen the funny crunchy video comedy clips from Really Very Crunchy on Instagram or TikTok or YouTube. Emily and Jason Morrow are the talented writers, producers, and actors for these and I got the privilege of interviewing Emily in-studio recently about her brand-new book, Really Very Crunchy: A Beginner’s Guide to Removing Toxins from Your Life Without Adding Them to Your Personality.

As my word for the year is health, I’ve especially loved Emily’s videos and her book. She makes me laugh, she makes me think, she teaches me a lot of things I never knew about (and then need to go Google for more information!), and she does it all in a very gracious and kind way.

In this episode of the podcast, Emily shares some really humorous stories (including why she got a pedicure and then took off the polish before coming to my house for the interview!) as well as very practical advice on how to live a more health-conscious lifestyle without breaking the bank. We talk about a lot of practices you can implement that are free and easy + she shares her best tips for eating healthy on a budget (they were so good and inspiring!).

Emily’s refreshing approach to the crunchy lifestyle, filled with self-deprecating humor, makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of their current choices. (She reminds us often that “crunchy is a spectrum” and it’s not worth losing relationships over crazy crunchy rules you’ve concocted.

We also touch on the challenges of balancing a crunchy lifestyle with real-world situations and she shared a recent situation she navigated at a family dinner. Emily encourages a mindful and compassionate approach, reminding us that we can have strong convictions without belittling, condemning, or ostracizing others.

The conversation also extends beyond dietary choices, as we also talk about the interconnectedness of mental and physical health. Emily’s perspective on stress and the importance of a balanced approach to health is so important for all of us to hear and remember.

In This Episode

[0:35] – My guest today is Emily Morrow, author of Really Very Crunchy.

[3:16] – Emily shares a bit of her journey and how they started posting videos without telling family or friends — and how crazy it was for these videos to end up going viral like they did.

[7:49] – Crunchy encompasses various lifestyles, from barefoot moms to outdoor enthusiasts, forming a diverse spectrum.

[9:52] – Emily encourages making healthier choices without significant sacrifices, emphasizing practical steps like avoiding single-use items.

[12:46] – Exposure to artificial light, especially from phones with blue light, disrupts sleep-inducing hormones.

[15:23] – Starting the day by avoiding potentially negative or distressing content on your phone helps center and set a positive tone.

[17:19] – How to have simplicity and sustainability in grocery shopping, minimizing plastic use.

[25:02] – Acknowledging her mom’s kindness in hosting, Emily chooses not to critique her cooking choices.

[30:04] – Stress, a top killer, shows us the importance of balance; even health pursuits shouldn’t compromise mental well-being.

[31:36] – Facing financial strain, Emily embraced a crunchy lifestyle, prioritizing simple, whole foods for a healthier living.

[33:26] – Choosing organic doesn’t have to be as expensive as many people make it; making your own food from simple ingredients offers affordability and health.

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