• 204. Kathrynne's College Decision (+ a funny story!)

    Today’s episode is a very informal one, as we are just taking some time to chat with you about the recent big updates in the Paine family because there has been a lot of them!

    We had a very big day recently - the day of my book launch! It was such a big day, though, not only because it was book launch day but also because of all of the crazy stuff that happened! Tune is as we share our many adventures from that day, from a flat tire to an excruciatingly painful urgent care experience.

    We talk about Jesse’s success with the 75 Hard program, and we also reveal what college Kathrynne has chosen to attend and why!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - Today’s episode is sharing some updates.

    [01:44] - Hear about Jesse’s flat tire the day of my book launch.

    [06:15] - I talk about the infection I had that day.

    [09:54] - I reveal what happened when I went to urgent care.

    [14:44] - Hear the funny story of my mom taking me to a medical procedure.

    [16:27] - Jesse has been working on 75 Hard.

    [19:20] - We shift the conversation to college.

    [22:22] - I reveal what Kathrynn learned from applying to colleges.

    [23:34] - Kathrynn was accepted into all 11 schools to which she applied.

    [26:55] - Kathrynn applied before doing physical college visits.

    [28:56] - Hear why Kathrynn has decided not to live on campus.

    [30:39] - Discover what college Kathrynn has chosen to attend for her first year.

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    Crystal Paine

    Crystal Paine Show - 181. What is Kathrynne doing after high school?


    The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most by Crystal Paine

    The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most by Crystal Paine (Buy via Baker Publishing Group)

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    34m | Mar 28, 2023
  • 203. Kathrynne and Kaitlynn share about their trip to London & Amsterdam

    Our two oldest girls, Kathrynne and Kaitlynn, returned to the podcast today to talk all about a recent trip to Europe, specifically London and Amsterdam! They share why they went on this trip, who they went with, what the highlights were, and some of the lessons they learned.

    We talk about them seeing Big Ben, stage productions of Newsies and Mouse Trap, a soccer game, how beautiful Amsterdam was, the food, visiting the Anne Frank house, and their canal tour. This was such a great, character-building experience for them and I loved that they got to experience it together (even though I really wish I could have squeezed myself into their suitcase and joined them!) And I'm so happy they were willing to record this episode with me since so many of you asked for more details on their trip!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - My two oldest daughters Kathrynne and Kaitlynn are on the show today!

    [01:28] - Why the girls went on a trip to London.

    [05:17] - What were a few of the highlights of the trip?

    [09:24] - What food in London was like.

    [10:52] - A soccer game was another highlight.

    [12:11] - Their experience in Amsterdam.

    [17:41] - Kaitlynn and Kathrynne agree that the food in Amsterdam was better than London.

    [19:58] - What were some of the biggest lessons learned from this trip?

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    24m | Mar 21, 2023
  • 202. Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person (with Laura Wifler)

    Have you ever wondered how to talk to your kids about disabilities? Do you want your kids to not feel awkward around those who have special needs or disabilities, but you aren't sure how to interact or what to say and don't want to say or do the wrong thing?

    In this week's episode of The Crystal Paine Show, I have a really fantastic conversation about with Laura Wifler about this very topic. We not only share practical ideas of how we've appreciated others approaching and interacting with us and our children who have disabilities, but we talk about the gift that our children have been to our homes and families and how it has deeply changed and impacted us -- in spite of the really hard parts.

    Laura Wifler is the author of the new children’s book titled Like Me: A Story About Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person and is also the Executive Director of Risen Motherhood, a nonprofit organization that helps mothers connect their faith to their motherhood.

    Laura shares ideas of how to respond when your kids are curious about children with disabilities, giving great pointers about how to behave and what to say when your child asks questions about children they perceive as different. She also opens up and powerfully proclaims God's truths when it comes to processing through the struggles and hard things that come along with having a child who has disabilities. We also talk about how culture often defines success in one way, but how our children have given us such different perspective.

    Whether you have a child with disabilities or whether you know someone who does or whether you just want to know how to better understand and walk with someone who has a child with disabilities, this is a really important conversation to listen to and I think you'll come away from it deeply moved and encouraged.

    ,In This Episode

    [01:09] - Laura Wifler is today’s guest!

    [01:43] - A little about Laura and her family.

    [02:48] - How long has Risen Motherhood existed?

    [03:24] - Laura discusses what inspired her new book Like Me.

    [07:31] - How to engage with people with disabilities.

    [12:50] - Laura reminds us that life isn’t always about our own comfort levels.

    [16:08] - Hear some examples of questions that Laura often gets.

    [17:55] - How Laura gets through difficult days.

    [21:34] - Laura discusses how she has processed through wondering how God could allow disabilities.

    [25:02] - Success is not measured by abilities.

    [29:43] - Only one thing in common is needed to build a friendship.

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    32m | Mar 14, 2023
  • 201. It's Launch Day! Why I wrote The Time-Saving Mom

    Today is the big day - the release of my new book, The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most! We're switching things up a little as Jesse interviews me!

    I touch upon what makes this book unique, what tools and resources are in the book, how it changed and developed over time, and so much more. I also, as promised last week, I also read more of the introduction from the book.

    It is my hope that this book helps others live with more intention, peace, and joy!

    In This Episode

    [00:33] - Jesse is interviewing me about my new book!

    [02:34] - Learn why I initially resisted writing this book.

    [04:17] - Did I learn anything from writing this book?

    [08:16] - The last chapter of the book is one I never expected to write.

    [10:22] - I explain why I pushed to not have a word count.

    [12:12] - I describe the book’s appendix.

    [13:39] - What was most surprising about writing the book and its aftermath?

    [16:55] - The way you look at saving time is important.

    [19:38] - I reveal my main goal behind writing the book.

    [22:00] - I read more of the introduction of the book.

    Links & Resources

    Crystal Paine


    The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most by Crystal Paine

    The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most by Crystal Paine (Buy via Baker Publishing Group)

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    25m | Mar 7, 2023
  • 200. Why We Stopped Fostering

    In this week’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show, Jesse and I share why we made the decision recently to close our home (at least for the next year or two) to fostering. It was a really difficult decision to make — and it wasn’t the decision we were expecting to make right now. But we spent a lot of time praying and had a lot of conversations and are grateful for the clear direction God gave us and the peace we have.

    While the need for foster families is so great right now, we also know that loving and caring for our six children is our highest priority — despite our heart to make a difference in the lives of children in foster care. The beautiful thing we’ve learned the past few years is that there are many ways to make a difference without actively fostering.

    In this episode we talk about decision-making, prioritizing, and why there are seasons for saying yes and seasons for saying no and both can be a good thing. This process of making this decision is part of what I talk about in my new book, The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most and I close out the podcast reading a section from it.

    In This Episode

    [00:36] – We are sharing about a difficult decision we made recently.

    [02:23] – But first, what has been saving my life lately?

    [07:57] – The story behind our decision.

    [10:32] – Two of our daughters will soon be graduating.

    [11:50] – Our three little ones need a lot right now.

    [14:45] – Our family is currently not equipped to meet DCS’s needs of us taking in teens or large sibling groups.

    [17:25] – We talk about celebrating someone’s yes and someone’s no.

    [20:53] – I segue into my new book.

    [21:51] – I read a section from the introduction from my book.

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    28m | Feb 28, 2023
  • 199. Raising Amazing Kids (with Monica Swanson)

    I loved getting to have this conversation with Monica Swanson, an experienced mom of four boys who has so much wisdom to share! Her new book is called Raising Amazing: Bringing Up Kids Who Love God, Like Their Family, and Do the Dishes Without Being Asked -- I mean, I'd buy the book just to have someone share how to get your kids to do the dishes without being asked! :)

    In this episode, I asked her to share more about this book, we talk about her book Boy Mom, too, and how she has fostered in her kids friendship with each other, love for God, and a sense of responsibility.

    She also gives some helpful advice such as how to motivate kids who are failing in school, how to be an effective parent while also taking care of yourself and your marriage, how to maintain a loving relationship with teenagers who are quickly approaching adulthood, and more!

    If you are a parent, if you ever plan to be a parent, or if you interact with kids and teens, I think this episode will really encourage you!

    In This Episode

    [00:46] - Today’s guest is Monica Swanson, author of Raising Amazing.

    [01:27] - Monica shares about her life in Hawaii raising four boys.

    [04:15] - How did Monica encourage her sons to be friends with each other?

    [05:25] - What it looks like to set an example of loving Jesus with our kids.

    [06:35] - The million dollar question: how do we teach our kids to do the dishes -- without being asked?!

    [11:29] - What does all-in parenting mean practically?

    [12:59] - But what if my kids are unmotivated?

    [14:26] - How to set boundaries well, even if our kids resist them.

    [18:34] - Is it possible to parent well without making our kids our entire identity?

    [20:46] - All-in parenting isn’t getting our self-worth from our kids’ successes.

    [22:59] - All-in parenting is not a formula or raising perfect kids.

    [26:15] - How to nurture your marriage in the midst of raising kids.

    [27:44] - What does fun look like at Monica's house?

    [29:13] - Monica offers insight into having kids on the cusp of adulthood.

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    31m | Feb 21, 2023
  • 198. How to Identify What's Keeping Us Stuck (with Megan Hyatt Miller)

    I have a lot in common with this week's podcast guest -- and we have many mutual connections! Author of Mind Your Mindset: The Science That Shows Success Starts with Your Thinking (which she co-authored with her father Michael Hyatt) as well as C.E.O. of Full Focus, Megan Hyatt Miller joins me this week to share about how our mindset impacts all areas of our life.

    She talks about how she got into her business, what it’s like working with her dad, and the story behind this book and how personal it was. She shares about her struggle with false beliefs surrounding public speaking and how this held her back for years and took her on a journey to ultimately discovering that the stories we tell ourselves can either propel us forward or hold us back in a big way and keep us stuck.

    Megan not only discusses her own story, but also how to stop listening to a story that could keep your stuck, how to recognize if you're believing a false narrative, how to help our kids (especially teenagers) when they say things like, "I'm terrible at xyz!" or "Everyone else is so much better at xyz!). I loved the very relatable illustration she shared from parenting her son recently when he was really frustrated in a situation in his life.

    This episode has a lot of takeaways that we can apply immediately to: (1) identify the story we're believing, (2) interrogate the story to see what's true or false, and (3) imagine a new story. We talk in-depth about what each of these steps entails and how to walk it out practically -- and how it can change your life!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - I am excited about today’s guest, Megan Hyatt Miller!

    [01:52] - Megan shares a little about her background and her family.

    [04:37] - I asked her about working with her dad.

    [11:53] - How did Megan identify her false narrative around public speaking?

    [13:16] - How do people identify their false narratives?

    [17:12] - Megan touches upon how we can help teenagers mind their mindsets.

    [20:50] - The three-step process for minding your mindset.

    [21:33] - How do people get from realizing that something isn’t working to identifying their story?

    [26:49] - Megan addresses interrogating your story with someone else.

    [29:46] - Megan explains how to imagine a new story.

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    33m | Feb 14, 2023
  • 197. 4 Things We've Learned After 18 Years of Parenting

    We had a big milestone happen recently: our oldest child, Kathrynne, turned 18 and is officially an adult!! Today, we reflect on the last 18 years of parenting and four important lessons we've learned.

    If I could go back, I would work less and chase numbers and business growth a whole lot less, I'd be more present and take time to really notice and celebrate the small things, I'd stop trying to fix my kids and just walk with them, and I'd worry a lot less about what other people think.

    I hope our honest reflections in this episode really encourage you -- no matter where you are in your parenting journey.

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - We are now the parents of an adult!

    [02:45] - I got a copy of my new book!

    [05:49] - I am currently listening to Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict.

    [06:55] - Jesse has been reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

    [08:23] - What has been saving my life recently?

    [12:28] - We dive into lessons we’ve learned over the last eighteen years of parenting.

    [15:37] - I touch upon fear being a reason I may have worked too much.

    [18:39] - Learn about what happened when I finally stopped chasing numbers.

    [21:10] - Jesse realizes there is a lot he doesn’t remember when our bigger ones were small.

    [25:03] - I wish that I would have cared less about what others thought.

    [27:05] - I wish I’d have spent more time walking with my kids rather than trying to “fix” them.

    [31:25] - There is always still time for redemption.

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    32m | Feb 7, 2023
  • 196. Discovering Hope & Healing After Brokenness (with Toni Collier)

    Today’s guest Toni Collier is the founder of Broken Crayons and is also the author of the new book Brave Enough to Be Broken: How to Embrace Your Pain and Discover Hope and Healing. Toni shares her journey, discussing how her life took a turn for the worse when she was a child. She defines what brokenness means to her and how that led to her getting counseling and seeking change.

    Toni discusses her belief in the importance of hope, arguing that it’s not pain that causes the most damage to us but rather hopelessness. She emphasizes that, even though she found redemption and love, her journey toward a happier, healthier life did not happen overnight and was a real struggle that involved a great deal of roadmapping and anxiety.

    Her book also has some practical things at the back, including gratitude practices, and she emphasizes the importance of practicing gratitude, how to get out of a toxic and difficult situation when we feel trapped in it, why building a healthy community is crucial, and so much more! This was such an amazing and emotional interview, and I encourage you, especially if you enjoyed this interview and are struggling to find hope and healing in your life, to purchase Toni’s book!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - This was today’s guest’s second attempt to be on the show!

    [02:16] - Toni tells us a little bit about herself.

    [03:24] - What does brokenness mean and look like to Toni?

    [05:49] - Toni had to become more self-aware to realize why she was being abused.

    [07:37] - From where did Toni find hope?

    [09:01] - How does one go about embracing pain?

    [10:28] - I point to a specific quote from Toni’s book about trauma leakage.

    [12:49] - Toni reveals how she had the courage to step into a second marriage.

    [15:29] - Healing is not linear and is very painful, Toni asserts.

    [18:14] - Fear can either lead us to wisdom or cause us to hide, Toni argues.

    [20:02] - Toni emphasizes counseling, reading

    [21:30] - Learn why Toni included gratitude practices in her book.

    [23:40] - It’s very difficult to heal in the place and with the people that broke you in the first place.

    [26:53] - Toni points out that pain and hope can coexist.

    Links & Resources

    Crystal Paine

    Toni Collier


    Brave Enough to Be Broken: How to Embrace Your Pain and Discover Hope and Healing by Toni Collier

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    29m | Jan 31, 2023
  • 195. A Faith That Will Not Fail (with Michele Cushatt)

    Michele Cushatt returns to the podcast today to talk about something that we didn’t get to dive into last time - her personal story and journey! Michele has a brand new book coming out in March called A Faith That Will Not Fail: 10 Practices to Build Up Your Faith When Your World Is Falling Apart, and if anyone knows what it’s like for your world to fall apart, it’s definitely Michele.

    Michele dives into her journey and talks about all of the devastating loss that she has endured throughout her life. She describes her life over the last three decades as being “riddled with suffering” which includes cancer repeatedly coming back.

    She touches upon the importance of lament and why grief is an important part of healing, why we need to anchor ourselves to something static other than the outcome, the importance of forgiveness and how refusing to hurts only ourselves, and so much more.

    One of my favorite parts of Michele's book are the Five-Minute Faith Builders at the end of each chapter. These give you really practical tools for what to do next when you feel sucked into the vortex of grief and loss and don't know how to cope or function.

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - Michele Cushatt returns to the show today!

    [01:37] - How Michele’s world fell apart.

    [06:43] - What does the word lament mean to Michele?

    [08:23] - What lamenting looked like when Michele was diagnosed with cancer.

    [10:18] - Grieving is the necessary first step to new living.

    [10:36] - How do we avoid getting stuck in grief?

    [15:40] - How do we anchor ourselves to something other than the outcome?

    [18:35] - Overwhelming suffering can lead to panic.

    [19:42] - What forgiveness has looked like in Michele's life.

    [21:39] - Forgiveness always comes at a cost.

    [22:16] - How do people learn to forgive when they don’t want to?

    [24:02] - Michele explains how she goes into the next day knowing it will be hard.

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    29m | Jan 24, 2023
  • 194. 6 Lessons We've Learned from 20 Years of Marriage

    Jesse and I celebrated a milestone anniversary recently – twenty years of marriage! In some ways, it feels like it hasn’t been that long, and in other ways, it feels like we have been married even longer than that, and we thought that we spend today discussing the biggest lessons that we have learned over the past two decades.

    The last few years have stretched us more than ever. Walking through foster care licensing, fostering 6 precious kids of differing ages, saying goodbye to the beautiful boy C who stole our hearts for 8 1/2 months, continuing to love and walk with his mama and be involved in his life for the past two years, saying yes to David and being thrust into the world of special needs and medical complexities, countless doctor’s appointments and therapies, many scary medical moments, surgeries, saying yes to adoption, having a senior and walking through all the college stuff and preparing to launch a child, saying yes to our daughter dating, countless sporting events, two miracle pregnancies, so many nighttime wake-ups with three little ones… life is full and never dull.

    There are constantly opportunities to trust the Lord and work together. Some days we do it better than others.

    Having three teenagers and three little ones and a full-time business from our home is always an adventure. Every day requires organization, communication, adaptability, creativity, flexibility, and patience.

    We have our moments when we are really irritated and annoyed with each other, but we’ve learned more and more that it’s worth it to fight for our marriage and for each other instead of just fighting to be right or to prove the other person wrong.

    Some days we are tired. Some days we wonder how it’s all going to work out. Some days we miscommunicate.

    But we keep choosing each other. We keep choosing to love, even on the days when we don’t feel like it or when it’s hard or when there are tensions.

    A few things w’ve learned in the last 20 years:

    Say I love you often.

    Go out of your way to make each other laugh.

    Give your spouse time and space to do things that they love and that bring them life.

    Flirt every day.

    Find the good and call it out.

    A strong marriage doesn’t just happen, but it’s so worth the time, intention, & sacrifice.

    Happy 20th anniversary, Jesse! Thank you for continuing to choose me and love me — even on the hard days! I’d marry you all over again! I love you so much!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] – We recently celebrated a milestone anniversary.

    [01:56] – We are sharing lessons we’ve learned in twenty years of marriage.

    [02:22] – Don’t believe everything you dream.

    [04:09] – I just finished listening to the audiobook The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.

    [06:49] – There is a sequel to that book as well.

    [08:09] – What’s saving my life this week?

    [09:40] – Pre-order my new book coming out on March 7th — lots of fun freebies coming for people who pre-order!

    [11:33] – Baker Publishing Group is offering the best deal on my new book.

    [13:14] – I have learned to tell Jesse that I love him often.

    [15:43] – Jesse defines love as commitment, action, and feeling.

    [16:00] – We have learned to go out of our ways to make each other laugh.

    [16:59] – Give your spouse time to do things that they love.

    [20:36] – We flirt every day.

    [22:44] – Be cognizant of the good, and be grateful.

    [23:44] – A strong marriage doesn’t just happen on its own.

    [26:37] – Any strong relationship requires work and sacrifice.

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    29m | Jan 17, 2023
  • 193. The Long-Awaited Adoption Day (all the details)!

    As promised in last week’s episode, we are giving more detail today about the newest addition to our family whom, after fostering for 21 months, we have officially adopted!

    We have been referring to him as Baby D on social media and on the podcast, but we are now finally able to reveal that his name is David, and we touch upon the Biblical significance of his name and how it coincidentally (given that his mom named him) follows our pattern of boys’ names.

    In this episode, we share a lot of never-before-shared stories of David's early months in our home and share about our interaction with his mom. Although we are sad that reunification was ultimately not an option, we also are so grateful for the gift of David.

    Be sure to check out my Instagram page if you want to see pictures from the ceremony!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - Introducing this episode.

    [01:15] - Jesse reveals Baby D’s name.

    [03:11] - Hear how his name follows our predetermined pattern of boys’ names.

    [05:19] - Jesse shares how he felt about adoption day.

    [07:15] - We never sought this; we went into foster care knowing that adoption isn’t the goal.

    [12:21] - David’s biological mother always assumed that we were going to adopt him.

    [14:58] - Jesse explains why we kept David’s middle name.

    [16:40] - We shift the conversation toward the adoption ceremony.

    [19:26] - Hear about the actual adoption itself.

    [20:46] - I touch upon one of the most special moments of the adoption day.

    [23:42] - Knowing that David is our legal son still feels surreal.

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    24m | Jan 10, 2023
  • 192. Our Goals for 2023

    Welcome to the very first episode of 2023! As a way of ushering in the new year, we thought that it would be appropriate to share our goals for 2023!

    My new book The Time-Saving Mom is coming out in March, and I also have six children, all of which is already a lot, so I have gone about setting realistic and specific goals for 2023 in a way that is challenging me but not overwhelming me. I also want to be sure that my goals all correlate with my values and what I want to be able to accomplish by the end of my life.

    We hope that you will listen in as Jesse and I share our goals for the new year, including but not limited to being overall physically healthier, having one family dinner per week, finishing reading or listening to one book per week, and setting aside time for a date with at least one family member per week. We also hope that you will tune in next week as we expand upon a very exciting announcement!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - This is the first episode of 2023!

    [02:17] - Does Jesse get excited about the start of a new year like I do?

    [03:32] - We share an exciting announcement!

    [06:00] - Hear why I am prioritizing sleep.

    [08:37] - I share my first goal for 2023.

    [10:41] - I explain why I want to lose body fat in 2023.

    [13:13] - I have been sure to drink a lot of water and get a healthy amount of sleep.

    [15:08] - Jesse wants to be more consistent with fitness.

    [16:12] - Hear what my second goal for 2023 is!

    [18:37] - I reveal goal #3.

    [20:09] - I share my fourth goal for 2023.

    [22:01] - I reveal and explain my fifth goal.

    [24:33] - I want to delete 300 photos from my phone each week.

    [27:37] - Jesse touches upon the importance of being effective and intentional.

    [29:14] - Learn about my habit tracking system.

    Links & Resources

    Crystal Paine

    WYZE Body Fat Scale

    Money Saving Mom - “My Daily Habit Tracker Checklist (Plus Download Yours!)”


    The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most by Crystal Paine

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    32m | Jan 3, 2023
  • 191. Highlights from 2022 + Some BIG News!

    Welcome to the very last episode of the podcast before we move into 2023! It has been a really eventful 2022, so we are spending this episode taking a look back at 2022, reflecting on the big events of the year, including finishing my next book and giving birth to Micah.

    We talk about how we have two teenagers who are preparing for college, how this year has provided a lot of opportunities for me to talk about foster care, what challenges we have faced this year, and so, so much more!

    You will also want to stay tuned to the end of the podcast for an exciting announcement that is, for the time being, completely exclusive to this podcast! You’re hearing it here first! 

    In This Episode

    [00:33] - This is the last episode of 2022!

    [01:41] - Discover the title of my new book!

    [04:51] - Micah has been a blessing from 2022.

    [07:06] - This year has not been without its challenges.

    [09:29] - We also have our older girls getting ready to go to college.

    [12:18] - Jesse and I have learned to let go this year.

    [13:10] - I reflect back on prioritizing community.

    [16:37] - I touch upon how we began homeschooling again this year.

    [18:27] - Our oldest is in a dating relationship for the first time this year.

    [21:20] - Listen for an exciting exclusive announcement!

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    Crystal Paine


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    Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World by Jennie Allen

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    25m | Dec 20, 2022
  • 190. Helping Kids Thrive in Mind, Body, and Spirit (with Jodi Mockabee)

    Today’s guest is Jodi Mockabee, author of the book The Whole and Healthy Family: Helping Your Kids Thrive in Mind, Body, and Spirit! I appreciate how Jodi addresses things holistically and has a lot of wisdom and experience to bring to the table.

    Jodi is the mother of five children ranging from the age of ten to sixteen, and she bases the book on all of that experience that she had, capturing parenting methods that have worked for her as well as ones that haven’t worked so well.

    She discusses her childhood and how it impacted her family life now, how to let go as a mom and let your kids be as independent as possible, how to be minimalist and efficient even if you have people in your family who like to hold onto things, what it means for parenting to go through different seasons, the importance of accountability, and so more!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - I introduce today’s guest, Jodi Mockabee!

    [03:15] - What was Jodi’s childhood like, and how did it impact her family lifestyle now?

    [05:26] - Jodi shares about teaching your kids to be independent.

    [09:15] - How Jodi approaches parenting a child who is on the spectrum.

    [11:32] - I ask Jodi about some of her methods for simplifying.

    [14:29] - How to strive for efficiency while also addressing children’s needs.

    [17:15] - Jodi addresses how to be minimalist with family members who want to keep things.

    [26:24] - What accountability looks like in their home.

    [29:56] - Jodi offers helpful advice to young moms.

    Links & Resources

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    31m | Dec 13, 2022
  • 189. It's Okay to Be a Beginner

    As we are approaching the end of the year and preparing to move into a new one, let's talk about being a beginner. This topic was inspired by a pep talk Jesse gave to me a few weeks ago as I was starting a new workout program and was sort of bemoaning how much of a beginner I felt.

    His words of encouragement were so motivational to me and I wanted him to share more in this episode of the podcast. If you are in the process of starting something new, starting over, or thinking of starting something new in 2023, I hope that our words in this podcast inspire you to keep showing up -- even as a beginner!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] - We are talking about being a beginner today.

    [01:10] - We just got back from our trip to Kansas!

    [05:19] - An incident involving gum on my flight.

    [12:51] - I have been listening to Healing Stones by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn.

    [15:17] - We dive into talking about being a beginner.

    [16:12] - Jesse share more about the workout program he is using to base my workouts on.

    [19:20] - Why it's okay to be a beginner.

    [20:19] - Real-life examples of being a beginner.

    [25:34] - Keeping showing up.

    Links & Resources

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    26m | Dec 6, 2022
  • 188. Good Boundaries and Goodbyes (with Lysa TerKeurst)

    Today’s guest on The Crystal Paine Show is someone who has been on the show before and you all loved that episode. So when the opportunity came up to have her back on the show one more time, I jumped on it, especially when I saw the title of her new book, Good Boundaries and Goodbyes: Loving Others Without Losing the Best of Who You Are!

    In this episode, Lysa TerKeurst discusses where she gets her ideas for her books, primarily her struggles and what they show her she needs to improve and work on. She also elaborates on what the word boundaries means to her and how she has learned what boundaries are from the Bible, the difference between being selfish and demonstrating self-control, how boundaries help prevent unpleasant extremes and what to do if those extremes take place anyway, and so much more.

    I am so appreciative of Lysa for her friendship, for being on the show, and for having written this new book. If you are someone who struggles with setting boundaries with people and/or feel like you’re being selfish if and when you do, then I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy!

    In This Episode

    [00:35] – I am so honored to have a repeat guest today, Lysa TerKeurst!

    [03:45] – What does the word “boundaries” mean to Lysa?

    [06:28] – Lysa shares how to implement responsibility.

    [07:56] – How does Lysa determine someone’s responsibility level?

    [10:48] – Lysa explains what can happen as a result of no boundaries.

    [13:41] – How do we set boundaries while still serving and helping others?

    [14:34] – Lysa points out the difference between selfishness and self-control.

    [18:00] – How do we set boundaries without walking away from people we love?

    [20:15] – What do boundaries look like if we live with the person?

    [22:52] – What if you set a boundary with someone and they respond negatively?

    [25:27] – Lysa explains how trying to control someone leads to us feeling trapped.

    [30:43] – Lysa’s insight applies to all of the relationships in our lives.

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    35m | Nov 29, 2022
  • 187. Loving Someone Well Even When We Disagree (with Michele Cushatt)

    Disagreements and differences in opinion often result in tension and division in relationships. But does it have to be this way?

    In this week's episode of The Crystal Paine Show, I sit down with Michele Cushatt, one of the authors of the brand-new and much-needed book Come Sit with Me, a book all about how to love well, in spite of differences and/or disagreements.

    We recorded this episode the week of the midterm elections and I felt it couldn't be more appropriate. Michele talks about how to go about seeing differences as means for curiosity rather than fear. She shares how it's so easy to feel threatened by differences and then let that cause us to put our guard up instead of to lean in and listen and learn out of a place of love.

    In this episode, she shares four keys for having conversations when we disagree with someone -- and they might surprise you! I especially loved how she dug into the importance of knowing where our identity is and how that is foundational for not being frustrated, angry, or hurt when someone disagrees with us.

    In This Episode

    [01:08] – Delighting in our differences... what does that mean? Let's talk about it!

    [03:26] – But first, I have Michele introduce herself.

    [09:10] – Feeling curious vs. feeling threatened.

    [10:55] – What inspired Michele's chapter in the book.

    [15:25] – Why are children curious? Why do we often lose this curiosity as we grow older?

    [16:54] – The role identity plays in our discussion about differences.

    [18:35] – What does it look like to put our identity in Jesus?

    [20:01] – We need more than current events to put our hopes on.

    [22:28] – Listening is a lost art that we need to find again.

    [25:13] – Where does the need to be right come from?

    [25:55] – Michele discusses the importance of empathy.

    [27:37] – We can't let our positions become more important than people.

    Links & Resources

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    31m | Nov 22, 2022
  • 186. A Crazy Travel Story

    We took a super quick 28-hour trip to Wilkes-Barre, PA for my friend Jamie’s mom’s funeral a few weeks ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard parts of our crazy travel experience, but since it sparked so many conversations and messages online, I thought we should share the whole thing together in this week's podcast episode! (See more pictures from our trip here.)

    A few takeaways from our trip:

    ::We never got the opportunity to meet Jamie’s mom, but it was so special to hear family and friends share about how she impacted their lives. It was such a reminder to invest our lives in what matters and to not take any relationship for granted.

    ::Be sure to double check dates before booking flights. Ahem. Also, double-check the address to your hotel. And finally, double-check that you have your photo ID. Listen to the episode for more details on all that. 🙂

    ::Flying with a two-year-old is never boring. Kierstyn and Micah both did well on the flights and the two-hour drive from Philly to Wilkes-Barre and back, but K was quite confident in her navigational skills at the airport and we quickly learned we needed to push her in the stroller lest she dart ahead of us and get lost in a crowd! Also: I have no idea how parents travel by themselves with a toddler and a baby. We felt like we were barely pulling it off and there were two adults!

    ::Wilkes-Barre is not pronounced like I expected. But the locals can’t seem to agree on the correct pronunciation.

    ::It was our first time for both of us to leave D. We missed him so much and can’t wait until he’s adopted and we don’t have to have prior written approval from DCS for him to travel! But our older three kids did an amazing job watching him.

    In this episode, we also have an adoption update to share, I talk about a book I’m super excited about, and we laugh about recent antics of our toddlers.

    Powered by RedCircle

    In This Episode

    [00:35] – It’s time for more crazy travel stories today!

    [02:03] – But first, life with toddlers is never boring!

    [08:10] – We have an adoption update to share!

    [10:40] – I just got a book in the mail that I am really excited about!

    [12:29] – A tip to save you money for the Christmas season.

    [15:00] – Crazy travel story time!

    [20:50] – Discover what happened when we were getting ready to leave.

    [31:47] – What went down when Jesse tried to check in to the hotel.

    [34:02] – And last but not least, “losing” my ID at TSA security check-in.

    Links and Resources:

    How to Listen to The Crystal Paine Show

    The podcast is available on iTunesAndroidStitcher, and Spotify. You can listen online through the direct player here. OR, a much easier way to listen is by subscribing to the podcast through a free podcast app on your phone. (Find instructions for how to subscribe to a podcast here.)

    Ready to dive in and listen? Hit the player above or search for “The Crystal Paine Show” on your favorite podcast app.

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    39m | Nov 15, 2022
  • 185. Every Moment Holy (with Douglas McKelvey)

    This week's podcast is a conversation with Douglas McKelvey -- a screenwriter, songwriter, and author of several books including Every Moment Holy -- a book of prayers for every day life. In this episode I share how Every Moment Holy and the prayers in it have impacted me and I get to ask him the questions I've always wondered. Doug shares the story behind why he wrote this book of prayers, how he decided which topics to tackle, and where he found the inspiration.

    I love how he challenges us to make prayer such a backbone of our every day life -- and that there is no task that is too menial that we can't bathe in prayer.

    In fact, one of the parts of Every Moment Holy that I love so much is that there are prayers for so many seemingly mundane aspects of life, such as washing windows, home repairs, morning coffee, and sick days to name a few! We close the episode with Doug sharing the beautiful prayer he wrote for the start of your day.

    In This Episode

    [01:26] – I share about why I said yes to this interview and why I love this book. And I ask Doug to share more about himself.

    [03:58] – What was the inspiration behind Every Moment Holy?

    [08:30] – Some examples of the topics of prayers from the book.

    [12:34] – Doug tells us a funny story behind the book's creation.

    [15:14] – How were the prayers crafted?

    [19:00] - What does it look like for Doug to bring God into everything he does?

    [23:37] – How the success and excitement around Every Moment Holy has completely blown away all expectations.

    [27:02] – Why we should step out and not say no -- and how it can be the start of a story far beyond what we could imagine!

    [31:02] – Doug reads aloud his liturgy for first waking.

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    33m | Nov 8, 2022
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