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The Crystal Paine Show is dedicated to helping you embrace life right where you are and take practical steps to get where you want to go. Crystal says, "My hope is that this podcast will serve as an inspiration to your week, a pause in your day to slow down and reflect a little, a looked-forward-to part of your weekly routine, a place where we can connect on a deeper level… and ultimately, my desire is that you come away from listening to each episode feeling motivated to bloom where you are planted and take intentional steps to move in the direction you are longing to go." Crystal is a wife, mom of 3, speaker, author, and online entrepreneur, best known for founding as well as


188. Good Boundaries and Goodbyes (with Lysa TerKeurst)
Show Details35min 22s
187. Loving Someone Well Even When We Disagree (with Michele Cushatt)
Show Details31min 43s
186. A Crazy Travel Story
Show Details39min 48s
185. Every Moment Holy (with Douglas McKelvey)
Show Details33min 9s
184. A Life Update + Prepping Our Hearts for Advent (with Ruth Chou Simons)
Show Details30min 54s
183. A Love-Stretched Life (with Jillana Goble)
Show Details33min 21s
182. Start with Hello: Simple Ways to Build Community (with Shannan Martin)
Show Details32min 39s
181. What is Kathrynne doing after high school?
Show Details30min 11s
180. Why You Should Read Aloud with Your Kids (with Jennifer Pepito)
Show Details28min 18s
179. An Interview with Jesse
Show Details31min 40s
178. From Street Kid to Foster Dad (with Peter Mutabazi)
Show Details27min 23s
177. Setting Healthy Boundaries for Your Family (with Rachel Norman)
Show Details38min 11s
176. An adoption update + how to follow through with your goals
Show Details32min 14s
175. Raising Emotionally Strong Boys (with David Thomas)
Show Details33min 31s
174. Teaching Your Kids to Set Goals
Show Details30min 44s
173. Our Fitness, Family, & Personal Goals for the Fall
Show Details25min 42s
172. Micah's Birth Story
Show Details37min 46s
171. My Unexpected Hospital Stay
Show Details31min 2s
170. Making Sabbath Rest a Priority (with Bob & Linda Lotich)
Show Details32min 4s
169. Helping our teens deepen their relationship with Jesus (with Angela Perritt)
Show Details33min 19s
168. Helping your kids fight less & get along better
Show Details29min 40s
167. How I Found Time to Write a Book
Show Details39min 46s
166. Raising Teens: Answering your burning questions
Show Details37min
165. Wisdom from a mom of 14 (with Nicole Homan)
Show Details30min 15s
164. How to Stop Fearing the Future & Live in Hope Today (with Nicole Zasowski)
Show Details31min 34s
163. What We Wish We Have Known Before Having Kids
Show Details22min 50s
162. Making Time for Romance When You Have Kids
Show Details34min 43s
161. Unexpected Lessons from Down Syndrome
Show Details34min 1s
160. 5 Things I Do Every Morning (Part 2)
Show Details30min 41s
159. I got caught in the comparison trap!
Show Details26min 26s
158. When you feel hurt and offended...
Show Details36min 22s
157. Why Your Prayers Might Not Be Answered
Show Details30min 32s
156. A Different Perspective on Foster Care (with Jamie Finn)
Show Details31min 39s
155. 3 Questions to Ask When Your Child is Frustrated
Show Details26min 4s
154. 5 Things I Do Every Morning
Show Details31min 30s
153. 8 Ways I Simplify My Life
Show Details24min 58s
152. What I Learned From a Year of Intentional Proximity
Show Details29min 16s
151. Surprise! I'm 15 weeks pregnant!
Show Details25min 43s
150. What We Learned in 2021
Show Details27min 3s
149. Our December Bucket List
Show Details30min
148. Only Jesus Gets to Tell You Who You Are
Show Details29min 45s
147. How We {mostly} Stopped Arguing
Show Details36min 1s
146. A Surrendered Yes (with Rebekah Lyons)
Show Details34min 9s
145. Our Unexpected Adoption News
Show Details24min 40s
144. You Were Made for This Moment (with Max Lucado)
Show Details30min 55s
143. A Love Languages Quiz
Show Details27min 30s
142. Worship Suffocates Worry (with Katie Reid)
Show Details33min 29s
141. Living a Grace-Filled Life in a Stress-Filled World (with Ruth Chou Simons)
Show Details34min 51s
140. When Your Prayers Aren't Answered Like You Hoped
Show Details30min 57s
139. Do This One Thing Every Morning (with Alison Lumbatis)
Show Details31min 21s
138. How to Keep Going When Life is Hard (with Lisa Whittle)
Show Details30min 16s
137. Dating vs. Courtship: Our honest thoughts
Show Details31min 1s
136. Don't Miss Out on This Superpower! (with Jeannie Cunnion)
Show Details31min 56s
135. Answering your burning questions
Show Details26min 43s
134. Our Experience with Covid
Show Details44min 17s
133. Our Best Strategies for Raising "Twins"
Show Details32min 37s
132. Family Breakfasts: What We're Doing Instead of Family Dinners
Show Details25min 29s
131. A crazy travel story
Show Details39min 47s
130. You Get What You Expect (+ some thoughts on raising teens)
Show Details32min 6s
129. My System for Keeping on Top of Emails
Show Details41min 18s
128. Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos
Show Details27min 49s
127. Living Out Your Calling (instead of being limited by lies) with Paul Angone
Show Details30min 10s
126. Addressing the assumptions
Show Details39min 51s
125. Stop Saying "I Can't"
Show Details31min 49s
124. Unexpected Lessons from a Year of Foster Care
Show Details32min 45s
123. How I Became More Extroverted
Show Details26min 26s
122. Love-Centered Parenting
Show Details28min 29s
121. Bad Attitude? Feeling Frustrated? Try this!
Show Details29min 43s
120. How to Nix Your Negative Narrative (with Jon Acuff)
Show Details27min 37s
119. Phones, Social Media, and Being Present With Our Kids
Show Details33min 25s
118. 4 Strategies to Feel Less Stressed
Show Details37min 41s
A Trip to Disney + a New Baby! (what a week!)
Show Details27min 22s
116. The Big Day is Here!
Show Details31min 30s
115. Un-hurrying Your Heart with Jennifer Dukes Lee
Show Details30min 53s
114. An Honest Conversation About Faith with Angie Smith
Show Details35min 36s
113. An interview with Kathrynne
Show Details33min 37s
112. How We're Preparing for the College Years
Show Details31min 56s
111. Answering Your Burning Questions
Show Details33min 4s
110. How I Got Over My Fear of Negative Reviews
Show Details29min 26s
109. 18 Years of Marriage: 10 Lessons We've Learned
Show Details36min 7s
108. How to Love Someone You Disagree With
Show Details31min 22s
107. Better Habits: 5 Steps to Start & Stick With Them
Show Details39min 11s
106. 10 Things We Learned in 2020
Show Details37min 48s
105. Holding Both Grief and Gratitude
Show Details37min 37s
104. Sharing Some Good News!
Show Details36min 40s
103. Forgiving What You Can't Forget (with Lysa TerKeurst)
Show Details34min 45s
102. Soul Care During Stressful Seasons
Show Details31min 36s
101. Honest Confessions of a Control Freak
Show Details30min 23s
100. Raising Worry-Free Girls (with Sissy Goff)
Show Details32min 44s
99. Answering Your Burning Questions
Show Details32min 28s
98. Staying Calm in the Midst of a Volatile Election Season
Show Details23min 23s
97. How We Chose Our Kids' Names
Show Details29min 20s
96. Standing Strong (with Alli Worthington)
Show Details27min 39s
95. Our Rules for Kids & Phones
Show Details32min 58s
94. How to Stop Living in Fear
Show Details26min 47s
93. A Woman's Highest Calling (with Jamie Ivey)
Show Details30min 23s
92. How to Change Your Life in 15 Minutes a Day
Show Details22min 53s
91. How to Have a Great Morning Routine
Show Details29min 16s
90. Our Best Advice for Brand-New Homeschool Parents
Show Details28min 52s
89. An Update on Our Foster Care Journey
Show Details37min 17s
88. Answering More Burning Questions
Show Details30min 18s
87. How to Parent a Passive Child
Show Details32min 43s
86. How to Talk to Your Spouse About Money (with Shaunti Feldhahn)
Show Details29min 25s
85. Jesse's Advice for Raising Financially Responsible Kids
Show Details32min 8s
84. Our Family's Favorite Games
Show Details28min 4s
83. How to Parent a Strong-Willed Child
Show Details32min 41s
82. Our Favorite TV Shows
Show Details32min 32s
81. Kierstyn's Birth Story
Show Details39min 44s
80. Parenting in the Middle of a Pandemic
Show Details28min 54s
79. Our Craziest Travel Stories
Show Details39min 7s
78. Creative Ideas for Family Fun at Home
Show Details33min 52s
77. Answering your burning questions as a family (Quarantine Edition)
Show Details32min 34s
76. BIG updates from our house (with a guest appearance by Kathrynne)
Show Details35min 57s
75. Parenting with Confidence (with Becky Keife)
Show Details29min 5s
74. Fear, Unknowns, & Courage (tornadoes, COVID-19)
Show Details31min 2s
73. Overcome Burnout and Get Your Joy Back (with John Eldredge)
Show Details29min 49s
72. How to Fall in Love With Your Life
Show Details31min 13s
71. "How do you stay so positive?"
Show Details28min 31s
70. How I Read 15 Books in January
Show Details27min 26s
69. Answering all your pregnancy questions
Show Details35min 21s
68. Secrets to a Happier Marriage (with Matt and Lisa Jacobson)
Show Details28min 57s
67. Romance and Intimacy: 10 Ways to Keep the Sparks Flying
Show Details29min 48s
66. How to Break Up With Your Phone
Show Details33min 57s
65. Our Journey to Becoming Foster Parents
Show Details39min 24s
64. My Word for 2020 (+ my goals for this week!)
Show Details20min 30s
63. What Worked and What Didn't Work in 2019
Show Details33min 21s
62. How to Talk to Your Kids About Money
Show Details32min 6s
61. Christmas Traditions & What We're Doing Differently This Year (a conversation with our kids)
Show Details24min 20s
60. What to do When You Fail
Show Details24min 49s
59. The Enneagram and Marriage
Show Details35min 25s
58. Building Father-Daughter Relationships
Show Details26min 24s
57. Why & How I Stopped Drinking Coffee
Show Details29min 46s
56. South Africa Trip Recap (with Jesse and Kathrynne)
Show Details31min 14s
55. Breaking Free from Anxiety, Stress, & Survival Mode (with Aundi Kolber)
Show Details35min 1s
54. Jesse Answers Your Burning Questions
Show Details35min 48s
53. 4 Strategies to Survive Stretching Seasons
Show Details27min 44s
52. My Unplugged Sundays Experiment
Show Details20min 1s
51. Our HUGE announcement!
Show Details19min 53s
50. 4 Rhythms You Need in Your Life (with Rebekah Lyons)
Show Details32min 24s
49. Finding Good Friends
Show Details27min 42s
48. Helping Our Kids Overcome Shame (with Kristin Maher)
Show Details33min 12s
47. The Power of a Morning Routine
Show Details25min 37s
46. Modesty, Legalism, and Grace
Show Details29min 34s
45. The Apps & Tools We Use to Plan Our Day
Show Details28min 52s
44. Our #1 Tip for a Stronger Marriage
Show Details29min 7s
43. The Lies We Believed
Show Details29min 36s
42. Haters Gonna Hate
Show Details32min 23s
41. Building a Relationship of Trust With Your Kids
Show Details46min 53s
40. Our Favorite Things
Show Details39min 24s
39. My Struggle with Anxiety (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details42min 12s
38. Marriage and Business: An Honest Conversation (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details36min 41s
37. Why We Stopped Homeschooling (an interview with our kids)
Show Details43min
36. How to Find Couple Friends (with our local friends)
Show Details31min 34s
35. How Foster Parenting Has Changed Our Lives (with Fran Maynard)
Show Details33min 32s
34. Emotions & Wholehearted Living (with our pastor, Eric Hoffman)
Show Details35min 32s
33. How to Be Married to a Strong Woman (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details41min 6s
32. What it's like to be a Highly Sensitive Person (with Anne Bogel)
Show Details35min 25s
31. Eat Well & Spend Less Time in the Kitchen (with Lisa Burns)
Show Details32min 5s
30. Why We Moved to Nashville (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details33min 38s
29. What is the Enneagram? (with Leigh Kramer)
Show Details35min 10s
28. The Secret to a Happier Marriage (with Audrey & Jeremy Roloff)
Show Details37min 55s
27. Digital Minimalism (with Cal Newport)
Show Details31min 44s
26. How Myers-Briggs Saved My Marriage (with Meg Tietz)
Show Details41min 32s
25. The Year My Body Broke Down (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details32min 26s
24. Parenting a Difficult Child (with Jami Amerine)
Show Details33min 2s
23. Answering Your Burning Questions (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details34min 55s
22. How to Be Brave (with Melissa Radke)
Show Details30min 34s
21. The Year That Changed the Trajectory of Our Lives (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details28min 57s
20. Stop Procrastinating and Do the Next Right Thing (with Emily P. Freeman)
Show Details29min 33s
19. Making Family Dinner a Priority (with Tiffany King)
Show Details31min 21s
18. Infertility, Open Adoption, and How to Love When It’s So Hard (with Rachel Nielson)
Show Details34min 38s
17. The Hardest Year of Our Marriage (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details34min 58s
16. The Outfit Formulas That Changed My Life (with Alison Lumbatis)
Show Details30min 37s
15. How Practicing Gratitude Will Change Your Year (with Erin Port)
Show Details30min 33s
14. Why You Should Choose a Word for 2019 (with Monica Wilkinson)
Show Details30min 2s
13. How I Broke Free from Legalism (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details33min 24s
12. How to Create a Home That Serves Your Family (with Myquillyn Smith)
Show Details30min 39s
11. The Real Reason You're So Tired (with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith)
Show Details28min 55s
10. How to Find Your Blue Flame (with Jennifer Fulwiler)
Show Details30min 50s
9. Law School Struggles, Free Groceries, and a Pregnancy Test (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details32min 38s
8. How to Find More Time to Read (with Anne Bogel)
Show Details30min 18s
7. 10 Minutes a Day to Less Stress and Better Health (with Bonnie Gray)
Show Details27min 37s
6. Shame, the power of story, and a real look at the writing life (with Katie Ganshert)
Show Details30min 48s
5. Courtship Rules and Our First Kiss (with Jesse Paine)
Show Details31min 5s
4. How I Got Over My Fear of Hospitality (with Jen Schmidt)
Show Details29min 37s
3. The Secret to Being a Happier Mom (with Jeannie Cunnion)
Show Details30min 44s
2. How to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed (with Jennifer Dukes Lee)
Show Details33min 22s
1. Why "The Crystal Paine Show"?
Show Details30min 1s