#133 Post-Kidney Transplant: 5 Pearls Segment

44m | Aug 16, 2023

What are side effects of tacrolimus and mycophenolate? And what are common medication interactions? What causes of acute kidney injury are unique to renal transplant recipients When a patient has a fever, what are the viral syndromes we should work up? What are signs and symptoms of rejection?


  • 02:41 Types of Immunosuppression
  • 14:31 Medication Reconciliation
  • 22:36 AKI in the Transplant Patient
  • 31:53 Infections in the Transplant Patient
  • 40:00 Transplant rejection, cancer after transplant

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Tags: IMCore, CoreIM, renal, internal medicine podcast, hospitalist, nephrology, immunosuppressive

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