#144 RSV & What Makes Vaccine Trials Different: Beyond Journal Club on the RENOIR and AReSVi Trials

23m | Jan 31, 2024

How do you counsel patients eligible for the RSV vaccines? What do the results of the RENOIR and AReSVi trials tell us and how do they compare? How should we interpret vaccine trials in the first place? Tune in to the fourth episode of Beyond Journal Club, a new series brought to you by Core IM in collaboration with NEJM Group.

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Show Notes & Transcript

Time Stamps

  • 02:30 Epidemiology of RSV
  • 03:46 Development of RSV vaccine
  • 05:55 Vaccine trial design
  • 12:22 ARESVI and RENOIR Trials
  • 18:18 Who should we recommend the RSV vaccine to?
  • 19:50 What don’t we know?

Tags: IMCore, CoreIM, primary care, infectious disease, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, physician assistant

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