#139 CKD Staging (Cr vs. Cystatin C, Albuminuria & more): Mind The Gap Segment

26m | Nov 8, 2023

Is Cr or Cystatin C better to assess eGFR? What are pros & cons of each? Does eGFR tell the full picture of kidney function? What may cause false positive albuminuria?

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CME || Show Notes & Transcript


00:13 Reviewing CKD Classification: G1-5 stage, A1-3 stage

04:20" What's wrong with how we estimate GFR?

06:50 Why is creatinine flawed as an estimator of GFR?

10:52 Enter new contender...Cystatin C!

16:16 Importance of the A Stage!

20:21 Which patients should you measure proteinuria in?

22:10 Treatments for albuminuria!

24:27 Summary and Closing

Tag: Creatinine, nephrology, renal, CoreIM, IMcore, internal medicine, primary care, nurse practitioner, physician assistant

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