#127 Radiation Oncology Side Effects: 5 Pearls Segment

28m | May 31, 2023

How long can fatigue last for after radiation? Are all patient post radiation immunocompromised?  What are the potential acute and long-term side effects after lung, breast, prostate and brain radiation?

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Show notes & Transcript

Whiteboard Animation Video of Radiation Physiology

Time Stamps

  • 02:37 Systemic Radiation Side Effects
  • 14:29 Lung Radiation Side Effects
  • 18:22 Breast Radiation Side Effects
  • 21:45 Prostate Radiation Side Effects
  • 24:54 Brain Radiation Side Effects

Tags: IMCore, CoreIM, cancer, tumor, internal medicine podcast, hospitalist, heme/onc, rad onc, EBRT, brachytherapy

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