#128 Cirrhosis Bleeding Risk, FFP and Indwelling Pleural Catheters: Gray Matters Segments

31m | Jun 14, 2023

In cirrhosis, what actually contributes to the bleeding vs. clotting risk? Does the INR capture it? What is in FFP? Do you have to give FFP prior to a paracentesis and a thoracentesis? How much of FFP stays in the intravascular space? Does indwelling pleural catheters increase risk of malnutrition or infection?

Show notes & Transcript

Time Stamps

  • 02:36 Deep Dive 1: Bleeding risk of paracentesis and thoracocentesis
  • 05:35 Deep Dive 2: FFP effect on bleeding risk
  • 15:43 Deep Dive 3: Risks of FFP
  • 19:45 Deep Dive 4: Indwelling pleural catheters
  • 30:31 Recap

Tags: IMCore, CoreIM, hepatology, internal medicine podcast, hospitalist, heme/onc, pulmonary

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