#126 Radiation Oncology Part 1: 5 Pearls Segment

26m | May 24, 2023

What are the different types of radiation? What should we and shouldn’t we put in our one-liners? What makes palliative radiation different from curative radiation? And when to refer to for palliative radiation?

Show notes & Transcript

Whiteboard Animation Video of Radiation Physiology

Time Stamps

  • 02:04 What is radiation?
  • 03:17 How does radiation therapy work?
  • 04:50 How is today’s radiation different from the past?
  • 05:40 What role does radiation play in cancer treatment?
  • 07:48 What are the different types of radiation?
  • 15:34 How do you write a rad onc one-liner as an internist?
  • 19:59 What is palliative radiation and how/when should we use it?

Tags: IMCore, CoreIM, cancer, tumor, internal medicine podcast, hospitalist, heme/onc, EBRT, brachytherapy

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