#159 Lean On Me (1989) | May 25th, 2023

Season 4 | Episode 159
1h 28m | May 26, 2023

Time to head back to the end of the 1980's with Morgan Freeman in the lead for the drama or possible melodrama known as Lean On Me (1989). Govier chose it after watching it after school on HBO many times back in the 90's. We also have an additional guest in Christian Herominski as sits together with Travis in his kitchen while sharing a mic. Of course we have our abbreviated quarantine viewing picks as well! NOTE: we no longer live stream the show every Thursday on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live. We will still post videos to our YouTube, but we are switching to recording the show offline and then posting it. Follow our daily film musings on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Please send emails about your thoughts on society to

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