#185 A Late Quartet (2012) | March 10th, 2024

Season 4 | Episode 185
1h 7m | Mar 11, 2024

It's a special edition of Cinema 9 as Robert Downey Jr. is now an Oscar winner! Check out his fitting tribute to Cinema 9 at the top of this episode. For this episode Travis selected a film featuring one of his favorite actors Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Get ready as the fellas dissect A Late Quartet (2012) to see if it holds up or not. As always we also provide our quarantine viewing picks with some Oscar flair as well. Please sub our YouTube where you can watch all of our episodes. We don't live stream the show anymore, but we do post the video for each episode. Also, you can give us a 5 star review on your podcast platform of choice. Do it right now! It takes 30 seconds. Thank you! If anything from this episode strikes you, email the show

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