#191 Leon: The Professional (1994) | May 11th, 2024

Season 5 | Episode 191
1h 10m | May 11, 2024

Travis is taking us back to 1994 for the 30th anniversary of Leon: The Professional (1994). Is Gary Oldman too much in this movie? Does it hold up? That's what we're here to figure out. As always we also share our weekly quarantine viewing picks. Ya know, we here at Cinema 9 care about your opinion. For our old pal Dave since he's been asking, the movie we'll be focusing on for our next episode will be...listen to the end of the episode to find out. Please sub our YouTube where you can watch all of our episodes. We post the video version of each episode over there nearly every week. Also, you can give us a 5 star review on your podcast platform of choice. Do it right now! It takes 30 seconds. Thank you! If anything from this episode strikes you, email the show

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