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Chaos Radio

Camp Chaos has begun: 80 artists have 8 weeks to become 1 headless band called Chaos. Their output? 21,000 unique art pieces.

Birthed from the Discord servers at Songcamp, Camps are songwriting + web3 hackathons. Each camp takes a group of curated artists through an immersive journey of play and experimentation at the edges of music + the new internet.

Camp Chaos, the third iteration of this Immersive Digital Theatre, is an experiment in collective creation amongst a rambunctious group of musicians, designers, storytellers, engineers and operatives.

CHAOS RADIO is telling the story of this camp as it unfolds in real-time. So come join us backstage as we watch 80 individuals become Chaos!

Will we find harmony? Or will chaos consume us?

Let’s find out together.


Episode 05: Act IV Rebirth
Show Details39min 43s
Episode 04: Act III Entropy
Show Details31min 41s
Episode 03: Act II Disorder
Show Details42min 47s
Episode 02: Act I Order
Show Details33min 50s
Episode 01: Welcome to Camp Chaos
Show Details28min 20s