Episode 02: Act I Order

Season 1 | Episode 2
33m | Apr 4, 2022

Act I of Camp Chaos has started. And girl did Chaos show herself the first two weeks of camp: Technical challenges, interpersonal conflict, and a decent amount of overwhelm were surpassed by amazing music and human connections made thus far. In today’s episode, join iara ❀ and LosA as they answer a few key questions about camp:

  1. What are we actually making? (sneak peak of some music)
  2. How will campers get paid? (hint; liquid splits)
  3. How are we feeling so far? (ØⱤĐɆⱤ & ₵Ⱨ₳Ø₴)

Chaos Radio Ep. 02 Credits:

Narrated and Produced by: iara ❀ and LosA

Executive Produced and Edited by Levi Downey

Production and story help from Yung Spielberg , Julie Kwak, Frances Miller, Shamanic, and Will Juergens

Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast

Theme music by Josh Lippi

Featured Music:

Act 1 Alchemy A - Max Drembling, Shamanic, Conor Dalton

Act 1 Band 5 “Content” - Pozibelle (Kristen Glennon), Oceantied, Leo Pastel

Act 1 Band 4 “Where Things Fall Apart” - prodcolin (Colin), L.Ariel, Mark Tennyson (aka Boy Untitled)

Act 1 Band 9 “Song #1” - Abel Romijn, Zach Britt, Jenn Morel

Act 1 Band 8 “Movies” (instrumental version) - David Young, karma.wav, TYLERxCORDY

Act 1 Band 1 “It All Lead Me Back To You” - Three Oscillators (Brij Dalvi), Dontmesswithjuan (Steph), Kyle Tolbert

Act 1 Band 7 “Lagrimas de Cielo” - Scott Korchinski (HOUNDTRACK), wilter, Alan Lili

“Sleep Jam” - Jackintheway (Jack Rome) & greydient (Sarmad Ahmad)

Act 1 Band 11 “Struggle No More” - anatu, J. Mack, Michael Onabolu

Act 1 Band 6 “Cocktail” - sad alex, dilip, tyler coolidge

Act 1 Murmuration 02 “Where We Are Now” - CHAOS

Featured cast in order of appearance:

Handsome Grandson (Max Dembling)

Iara Bloomz

Jackintheway (Jack Rome)

Losa Meru

Frances Miller

Will Juergens

Matthew Chaim

Conor Dalton

Pozibelle (Kristen Glennon)


Boy Untitled (Mark Tennyson)

Zach Britt

Yung Spielberg

Abram Dawson (0xSplits)

greydient (Sarmad Ahmad)

Mark Redito

Julia Shemesh

Levi Downey

Special thanks to:

Matthew Chaim for opening a Web3 portal for so many artists!

Jeffrey Basinger aka “Journalism Jeff” for podcast creative consulting.

Papa Jams for making words real good.

Show Notes:





Murmuration of Starlings

More about Camp Chaos:

In Ep. 01: Welcome to Camp Chaos, our narrators introduce us to the cast of Camp Chaos as they explore what’s brewing behind the scenes leading up to the first day of Camp. Join iara ❀ and LosA in the previous episode to find out more about the “what” and “who” of Camp Chaos. Listen to Episode 01: Welcome to Camp Chaos

Camp Chaos has begun: 80 artists have 8 weeks to become 1 headless band called Chaos. Their output? 21,000 unique art pieces.

Birthed from the Discord servers at Songcamp, Camps are songwriting + web3 hackathons. Each camp takes a group of curated artists through an immersive journey of play and experimentation at the edges of music + the new internet.

Camp Chaos, the third iteration of this Immersive Digital Theatre, is an experiment in collective creation amongst a rambunctious group of musicians, designers, storytellers, engineers and operatives.

CHAOS RADIO is telling the story of this camp as it unfolds in real-time. So come join us backstage as we show you how a group of 80 individuals become Chaos!

Will we find harmony? Or will chaos consume us? Join us as we find out!

Chaos Radio