MAKE MORE MONEY FAST! RAISE YOUR RATE! — What to Charge as a Coach? — How to Price Yourself as a Creator? — Social Media Marketing

18m | May 22, 2023

How do you know what to charge?

1️⃣ What are other people charging in your niche?

2️⃣ Are you positioned as the ONE - the expert - the best - on social media?

3️⃣ What number is your minimum?

4️⃣ What number lights you up?

Charging anything less is a DISSERVICE to your client and sets them up for failure. 


💪They have to have skin in the game to take action and make a change, respect you, and show up for your consults/services! 

Why do my clients get wildly amazing results? 

🔥I charge ENOUGH for them to feel the fire under their butt🍑 to make a change and 10x their investment! 

Be sure you are charging enough, or you won’t have any clients doing the work to get results!

👋I’m Sophia Spallino, and I'm here to share practical, relatable, raw revelations that will help you build an iconic personal brand on social media and an EXTREMELY PROFITABLE, purpose-driven business!

After over eight years in the industry and amassing over 333k followers across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, as well as hosting a top-charting podcast, I am sharing my social media secrets, advice, sales tips, marketing strategies, and mindset hacks to help you:

✨Master your Entrepreneur Mindset

✨Make More Money with your Personal Brand Online

✨Manifest your Dream Social Media Audience


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Are you ready to take radical responsibility to see results? Let’s build your social equity together. 

xo, Sophia Spallino 

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