"No One Wants to Work?" with Grace The Culture Coach - Queer Leadership - Attracting High-Ticket Clients on TikTok

1h 16m | Jun 10, 2024

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That’s what this company culture coach has seen.

So let’s talk about how to lead a movement for both clients and teams - so we can inspire with purpose!

This episode is for you if…

-Your ideal client is corporate companies OR individuals

-You want to learn how to attract high-ticket clients on social media

Grace McGarrick, The Culture Coach, was one of my successful VIP clients with about 4 sessions. Shortly after our time together, she closed a 40k single invoice client.

In fact, if you are building a team now, or ever plan to lead a big team, or lead many clients at once, lean in and listen to her wisdom. Building anything big requires intentional leadership and Grace is great leader!

Grace is not the hero Corporate America asked for but the hero that Corporate America needs. She has built a program that makes teams actually excited to focus on their work and collaborate with each other.

She uses her audience of 10,000+ on TikTok to ensure that the tools she’s offering within her program are articulated in a language every generation can hear.

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