It Gets to Get Better And BETTER with Jordan Timchal - Manifesting - Hacking Your Business Growth

59m | Jun 3, 2024

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It gets to get better, and better… If you live life thinking - “Oh my goodness…it’s going well, but wait, when am I going to crash and burn?!” THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU.

Female entrepreneuers…service providers…coaches…let’s welcome Jordan Laurelle Timchal, a fellow former classical musician…

Yes, if you didn’t already know, I play the concert grand harp.

🎹Jordan is a pianist turned digital influencer turned manifestation + personal power speaker and coach. 🪄

By helping women curate both their internal + external worlds, she lives out her purpose to support women in creating lives than don’t just look, but feel magical, supporting them in becoming the powerful co-creators of their realities they were always meant to be.

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