CEASE & DESIST?! Hell. No. Ask a Trademark Lawer Who Helps Female Entrepreneurs

1h 11m | Jan 8, 2024

Do You Need a Trademark To Protect Your Brand? How to Legally Protect Your Business As A Coach or Service Provider with Whitney Bower

Do You Need a Trademark To Protect Your Brand? 🤔

Whitney, @‌thewhitneybower, is MY trademark attourney!

☀️She is a spiritual ball of sunshine, but a SUPER HARD ASS WOMAN-DEFENDER! 💪

By day, she’s a trademark attorney, but is an under-cover spiritual queen who lives to empower women. ✨

She got into specifically representing brands when she began to see women everywhere UNDER protecting their businesses and their personal brands.

So how do we protect ourselves as women? Whitney’s got our back.

👉Stop minimizing the amazing shit we’re doing, and go buckwild KNOWING we need to protect our big dreams and Profitable Personal Brands™

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