The 6 Secrets to Getting MORE VISIBILITY, REACH, AND MONEY as a Coach or Service Provider on Social Media!

39m | Dec 4, 2023

6 Secrets to Getting MORE VISIBILITY, REACH, & MONEY on Social Media

Save this podcast for later and challenge yourself to get more visible every single week!

1️⃣ Add value in Facebook groups in your industry - genuinely help people!

2️⃣ Add value to your industry’s thought leaders’ posts. Comment something insightful and like 20 comments on 5 accounts a day!

3️⃣ Get on podcasts!!!

👉Invite yourself by sliding into the DMs of the host

👉Share how you will add value to their audience

👉Pitch the 5 questions you will answer on the show.

4️⃣ Create Content that gets REACH on TikTok and YouTube Shorts

Funnel this audience to Instagram where you can nitride and sell in your stories and DMs

Increase your viralability chances with👇

👉 Hook with relatable pain, pleasure, or humor in the first 5 seconds

👉 Tell your hero’s journey story in shortest form

👉 Lead your copy with questions people actually “Google”

5️⃣ Respond to others and piggyback off of their visibility

👉Search a common question, problem, or hot topic

👉Then create a response to a video in your industry

TikTok: Duets and Stitches

Instagram: Remixes

6️⃣ Collaborate on Instagram posts or a live show with a thought leader in your industry, but not in your exact niche!

👉Slide into their DMs with a text-based message that shares who you are and how you will inspire THEIR audience. Drop the mutually beneficial topic you’d like to cover in the collab.

👉Then film a video of you personally sharing this with your guest and drop it in the DMs. This personal touch is sure to build a relationship!

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