GOD, MONEY, & SCALING a Coaching Business That Feels Good with Rev. Sydney Finn

1h 15m | Mar 18, 2024

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Idk if you can handle this nuanced convo…let’s talk GOD, MONEY, & SCALING YOUR COACHING BUSINESS with a One-to-Many Purpose Driven Group Program Strategy!

Meet my personal spiritual guide of four years, Re. Sydney Finn! I recently paid in full for her group coaching program, CHURCH! And it is transforming my worlddddd!

💦The juicy convo👇

✨God + Money (Spoiler alert: You gotta believe that God/Source/Uni/Sky Daddy whatever you wanna call the loving thing of all things…is GOOD)

✨How Sydney scaled her spritual practice using social media and how she structures her offers for ultimate abundance!

✨How Sophia built a multi-six-figure business SO FAST with God’s help and social media strategy!

Tap in with Rev. Sydney Finn👇


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