How Dave and I moved to Los Angeles with no money to making $53k months!

50m | May 6, 2024

9 years ago, I met a random guy on Instagram…

Drove nearly broke to Los Angeles and picked him up on a Beverly Hills street corner in my little yellow Honda Fit.

Yes, today, I am bringing my only post-college roommate onto the show - Dave Tutela.

We both started from the bottom…now we are HERE. 🌈

✨We are going to tell our story, but you should know Dave is a master of sales - making 15-50k per month just like me (SO MUCH SYNCHRONICITY…I SCREAMED WHEN HE TOLD ME) - He works in the auto industry, but has managed to find a way of generating all his sales via social media!

I grew up in a privileged family and then worked for it all on my own. Dave grew up in a house of drug addicts and living in his car for years, but is now one of the leaders in the industry building an agency solely focused on! I am so proud of him and how far we have come.

Connect with Dave to get private coaching for ads or have him do it for you! 👉

🤗And if you are ready to work with me, but didn’t have the budget for it in the past, we are now offering IN-HOUSE interest free financing….because we can, and I want to help you get to your “17k moment.” So if you feel the call, DM me on Insta, and let’s chat.

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