How to Hack the Minds of Your Ideal Customers: Color Psychology & Brand Vibe

51m | Nov 13, 2023

How to HACK the minds 🧠 of ideal customers so you become ingrained in their minds and become their only logical choice?

👉Color psychology!

But how do you choose your Profitable Personal Brand™ colors?

Today, I’m unlocking 🔐 a lesson from the PPB Blueprint (the blueprint I have used to help clients build Profitable Personal Brands™ in 6 months or less!

Are ya ready? 👀

You choose colors that feel good on you, aligns with your values and the story you tell!

Iconic brands have an iconic color. Most align with Color Psychology, meaning different colors can evoke specific emotions and feelings.

You should not pick your brand colors based on color psychology alone because truthfully, people associate colors with different emotions becuase of unique experiences, but there are general emotions that specific colors typically evoke subconsciously.

👇Here is the order of operations I use for me and my clients to choose colors for their Profitable Personal Brands™.

1️⃣ What colors feel good to you? What do you like to confidently wear? What colors do you have in your content creation space?

2️⃣ Out of those colors, research the color psychology behind each one and choose the color that is the “ultimate vibe” for the way you want your ideal client to feel and perceive you!

There is no “right answer for the right color for your brand.” But you can make an educated, aligned decision. What colors feel appropriate for your brand?

3️⃣ Once you choose your primary color, choose the exact shade and HEX code you like.


🎨, paste in your primary color’s code, and discover your secondary color!

Remember, you literally are the product, as a service provider or coach! So choose colors you love!

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