The Secret to Making People Stop Their Scroll and Make Money Online

14m | Nov 20, 2023

The secret to making people stop their scroll and make money online👇

To put it frankly: POST LIKE YOU ARE SOMEBODY.

When I first left my ex-boyfriend, 🏳️‍🌈came out, I posted 🤳🏼 on social

media again and again until I built the business of my dreams…

My best friend and businesswoman I deeply look up to told me,

“Spallino, you got HUTZPA!” 👏

I had to google what that meant. Apparently, it’s a Yiddish word that

originally comes from Hebrew.

It means you got…


💥 audacity,

💪supreme self-confidence,

🔥and conspicuous boldness!

The truth is:

👉No one will believe in you until you do.

How you see yourself is how people will see you.

If you’re NOT making the $$$ you want, you aren’t showing up in your FULLNESS.

Ask yourself these questions to untangle the bullshit that keeps you


✨Do you deeply know WHO YOU ARE?

✨Do you truly BELIEVE that what you offer as a service will change


✨Can you communicate how you can help your ideal client with

CLARITY AND CERTAINTY around a result in a specific time frame?

✨Would you believe you?

✨Would you buy from you?

✨Do you know how to stop a scroll with words?

🪝Hook ideas:

⚡️Unpopular opinion!

⚡️If you’re a woman dealing with ____, listen up

⚡️I don’t know who needs to hear this, but

⚡️I can’t believe people are still ______, when they could be ________

💰Do you know how to create strategic content that actually converts

views into money?

I’m on a mission to take 2 more female coaches with a big purpose in

their hearts to multi-six-figures in 6 months or less. ⌛️

Let’s start with you telling me where you feel stuck in building your

brand. 💬

I have 2 spots left to have a conversation today or tomorrow…Who

is in?

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